A Career Path With Style

Erin watches on as mentor, Tara, GHD Curls Becca’s hair

Interested in a career path in hairdressing but unsure where to start? Read on…

Apprentice Erin is chatty and engaged as Tara, her mentor, explains the GHD curl she is putting in 2nd year student, Becca’s long hair. ‘Widen your fingers to break up the curl but don’t pull the hair,’ instructs Tara.

Erin is 4 weeks in to an 8-12 week trial at Rainbow Room International’s Crow Road salon and she’s looking forward to starting their full apprenticeship scheme at their city centre Training Academy to begin her SVQ/Modern Apprentice Level 2.

Salon co-owner Julie-Anne picks up, ‘Erin will learn in-salon four days alongside her mentor with one day spent at our training academy. On her academy day she will cover all aspects of theory and practical work necessary to qualify her to the highest standard. This normally takes one year for the SVQ 2 Level, with the opportunity to go on and progress to Level 3.’   

Becca has taken over when I return and is showing Erin how to practice braiding on the salon block head. This is a major part of Becca’s 2nd year training, passing on to trialists what she’s been learning over the past year. Becca is encouraging and enthusiastic as Erin joins in. 

The benefits of this mixed model approach to the Modern Apprenticeship is that completion to Level 3 takes 2 years rather than the normal 3. Plus the hands on work experience they gain in-salon is invaluable. And while others may be racking up student debt, these students are actually paid while they learn. That looks like a Win Win Win scenario to me. 

Julie-Anne concludes, ‘Apprentices learn while experiencing the full salon environment, from involvement with bridal clients to taking part in hair shows – they participate in it all. Students also go on multiple training courses put on by the company, from the start they are part of the RRI family.’

Co-owner, Andrew, fixing appointments

And that is my big take-away from my visit to RRI’s Crow Road salon – the friendliness of the team and their professionalism. If you are looking to move on to a top career in hairdressing, I can’t think of a better place to start.

RRI Crow Road are currently looking for the next intake of apprentices!

After an 8-12 week paid trial, students sign up to an SVQ/Modern Apprenticeship Level 2. Ideal candidates should be between the ages of 16 and 19 and have a passion for hair. If you are excited to enter a career path which offers continual development, unlimited opportunities and enjoy working as part of a team that has the real privileged of making people both look and feel fantastic, then contact Julie-Anne or Andrew on 0141 341 0400 or pop into the salon at 490 Crow Road G11 7DQ.

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