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Knowing What You Don’t Know
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Here’s a story about using a letting agent.

Some time ago, I did an appraisal with a relatively inexperienced landlord.  He opened the discussion by inviting me to explain to him why he should use our service.

I stumbled.  Usually in this situation landlords have already decided to use a letting agent.  The question is more how to pick the best one.  I explained how we would do all the work for a reasonable fee, carefully choosing tenants and looking after his property while keeping him and his property fully compliant with current regulations. He wasn’t convinced.  

He said he would rather choose tenants himself and that he was happy to do maintenance work.  He had lots of time because he’d recently been made redundant.  I could see this prospect slipping away.

I explained that if he didn’t want a letting agent, I didn’t want to pitch for the gig.  We’re not in the business of convincing people to use our service if they have the time, energy, knowledge, and desire to do the work themselves.

He then explained that he’d had a bit of trouble with his first tenants and wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again with the next ones.

The two guys who he’d previously selected as his tenants turned out to be eastern European drug dealers.  They trashed his property, stopped paying their rent, sexually assaulted his downstairs neighbour, and then scarpered in the night.

He mentioned several times that he didn’t want to pay commission for a letting agent, while also explaining that he’d spent the last few weeks putting his property back together.

My wonder grew.  What would have had to unfold on his watch for him to consider he might be better off paying an expert?  

I left slightly bemused, but better able to answer his original question.

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