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The Sentidiño Albariño from the Rias Baxias region of Spain really gives off aromas of Springtime which is nice as it still feels quite far away.

Like most Albariños this one pairs well with a range of seafood dishes however its vibrant aromas of tangerine and jasmine really get you in the mood for a curry. So why not combine the two?

Grapefruit and peach flavours are abundantly present, which along with the typical zest of an Albariño, pair magnificentlywith the spice and creaminess a curry brings.

It has a long, refreshing finish and is certainly a wine you can sit and sip at for hours after dinner which hopefully there will be more of as the days start to get longer!

I think this one will be a real favourite.
Available for £17.95 in store or online and a great pair to Seafood dishes. 
The Piper Bottle Shop has a brilliant range of Wines Whisky and Spirits for every occasion and Menu!

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