Oh Yes You Can!

by Tracy Mukherjee

After last year’s abysmal Christmas, lockdown, missed loved ones and no traditional family outings, the good news is, Glasgow’s panto season this year is set to be a Christmas Cracker. It seems, thankfully, there are enchanting times ahead. All we need is a twinkle of our magic wand and this year, we SHALL go to the Christmas panto!

Cinderella Extravaganza

The Glasgow theatre organisers obviously felt after having to cancel last year, why not come back with the biggest and best panto – Cinderella. There are several versions on offer this year around the West End and beyond. Oran Mor’s offering is Cinderella 2: I Married a Numpty. Written by the fantastic Morag Fullarton, this updated version of the 2017 smash hit lets us see what happens to poor Cinders after she finds her handsome prince. Marrying Prince Charming (or Prince Kelvie, a G-Twelvie) hasn’t been all it was cracked up to be and Cinderella might have better served herself if she had kept running after losing that glass slipper.

Which is just what she decides to do along with dashing heartthrob Buttheid. None too happy with Cinderella’s escape are Dame Auntie Etta, ugly sister Wan-Tooth Winnie and long-lost sister Lonesome Lettie. With all new superpowers in tow, will our beloved heroine finally get her happy ever after? 

Aimed at an adult audience, this panto has some strong language and adult themes.

Performances from 30th Nov – 31st Dec

Times vary, please check calendar


Venturing just past Charing Cross to the Kings Theatre and you’ll find our Cinders yet again… maybe this is where she escaped too! Cinderella at the Kings is a traditional panto for all the family. Starring Scottish acting royalty Elaine C. Smith and panto favourite Johnny Mac, this classic retelling of our favourite fairy-tale has the perfect ingredients to help us forget the misery of the past 20 months, if only for an hour or two. With a wicked stepmother, ugly sisters and a dashing prince, it’s a lavish production filled with beautiful scenery and stunning costumes. Popcorn at the ready for some oohing and booing.

Performances from 27th Nov – 2nd Jan

Times vary, please check calendar


West End Wonders

Staying this side of the M8, there are plenty of panto options in the West. At Webster’s Theatre, Oh Aye It Is! Comes from the producers of 2019 hit, The Pure Amazing Wiz of Oz. Inside Out Theatre Productions have done it again, bringing together a show filled with music and song, a perfect Christmas spectacular.                           

And so, to the background story. Sleeping Senga may sleep for a further year but thank goodness in the world of Pantoland there may be a hero (or several). Pantoland’s number one selling band ‘Oh Aye’ is coming to Websters to save Christmas, and hopefully Sleeping Senga, showcasing a list of their greatest hits. With Pinot, Grigio, Ariana Grandyvoice and Fairy Fierce, there is bound to be plenty of panto shenanigans on our very own Great Western Road.

Performances from 3rd Dec – 24th Dec

Times vary, please check calendar


At Maryhill Community Central Halls, the 3rd Annual Community Pantomime is a firm favourite, A Christmas Carol.  Glasgow based production company Halo Arts is well known for its dedicated commitment to community and youth-based events. A Christmas Carol promises to be ‘A Hauntingly Hilarious Family Panto‘ and certainly is a great low-cost alternative to the bigger productions around this Christmas.  Let’s hope last year’s Covid Christmas remains The Ghost of Christmas Past!

Performances 16-19th Dec

Times vary, please check calendar


And finally… COP a load of this

At time of writing, I am being serenaded by sirens, helicopters and light air crafts circling the West End as COP 26 is in full swing. By the time Aladdin heads in on his magic carpet to the SEC Armadillo, there should be less air traffic for his landing (carpets do have very low carbon emissions). In December the Armadillo will have been transformed from a UN territory into ancient Arabia.  Our hero is played by the fantastically talented Greg McHugh, or indeed his alter ego Gary: Tank Commander. Joining him is Still Gamestalwart, actor Gavin Mitchell as Abanazar and comedian and singer Leah MacRae as Mrs Twankey.

This dazzling production is packed with incredible 3D effects, beautiful costumes and plenty of fun. There might even be a bowl of Gary’s favourite cheesy pasta at interval!

Performances from 11th Dec-29th Dec

Times vary, please check calendar



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