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Bertie Fritsch – Echo Chambers

The Alchemy Experiment has hosted many incredible artists since it opened in 2020. The venue has been a welcoming space for every genre of art – Painting, textiles, sculpture, the spoken word. This upcoming exhibition sees contemporary artist Bertie Fritsch bring ‘Interiors and Abstracts’ to the Byres Road Gallery.

The artist’s background is in music and product design and many of his works are audio visual installations. When it comes to paintings, the artist’s form he says ‘often evoke acoustic memories within atmospheric architectural spaces. I like to paint interior spaces, thresholds, and viewpoints which invoke a sense of spaciousness and inner peace, as well as abstracts and expressive landscapes.’

Certainly, his interiors art work depict spaces with specific angles, architectural features and stunning blends of light and shade. These are painting that you could gaze at, be lost within. The abstract art sees a combination of techniques. Some are reminiscent of sound waves; others a combination of geometric grids and vivid colours.

The Alchemy Experiment are delighted to welcome the artist, his work over the past 6 years, to their creative space. Their detail of the exhibition notes ‘The more recent abstract work began to develop during the pandemic isolation, when a process of creative experimentation using long exposure night-time photography informed an ongoing series of abstract paintings.’

The exhibition promises an exciting blend of styles and form, evoking very much a sense of space and calm. Don’t miss this one!

Bertie Fritsch – Echo Chambers
The Alchemy Experiment
157 Byres Road, G12 8TS

Thursday 18th July – 19.00-22.00
Exhibition Runs – 18th July – 24th July
Free Entry

For more information on the exhibition click HERE
Bertie Fritsch Website

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