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West End Glasgow Estate Agents property advice Walker Wylie estate agents
Positive News in Glasgow’s Property World

2024 started off strong for the West End property market and Spring is looking set to continue the positive trend. Thanks to mortgage lenders engaging in a competitive battle, we saw long awaited cuts to mortgage interest rates at the start of the year, kickstarting a flurry of activity in the market.

Early in the year showed lots of promising activity, notably stronger than the same period last year. The number of new properties that entered the market for sale surged by 15%, indicating a proactive approach from prospective sellers.  Concurrently, buyer demand saw a 5% increase, reflecting a growing confidence among those looking to make their moves in 2024.

Additionally, Rightmove have recently experienced some of its busiest days on record for individuals obtaining a Mortgage in Principle, indicating a proactive approach as individuals explore their borrowing capacity—an early sign of movers getting their 2024 plans in place that we have seen continue through to now.

Springing into the Property Market

As we enter the lighter and brighter days of Spring, we anticipate the upturn in the market to continue. We are seeing a growing number of sellers and buyers coming through the door and are just loving seeing the West End property scene continue to thrive.

Whilst predictions are still hard to be certain on, the lowering of interest rates has led many experts to believe we will see a gradual rise in the average house price across 2024. Demand for properties should be set to continue to increase, making it a great time for sellers.

We are Here for You

Spring is often considered one of the most favourable times, if not the best, for selling. If you’ve been thinking about putting your property on the market, why not get in touch for a free valuation? Our local knowledge and experience in Glasgow property, as well as our instinct and skill, allows us to accurately value your property and ensure your sale gets off to the best start.

Get in touch with us on 0141 404 1333 or email us at and we will work with you to get your property journey started.

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