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best soft furnishings glasgow

Diana Kiernander visits some new, and some revamped stores around the west-end and discovers how they have ignited a mighty design revolution within our homes.

best soft furnishings glasgow

Where are the best soft furnishings in Glasgow to give your home an extra spark? Read on…
It’s no exaggeration to say at the time of writing this, I’m going through some kind of home décor meltdown. After years of residing in London, I now live in the heart of Glasgow’s west-end, in a beautiful, old building with high ceilings and a crystal-drop chandelier. Moving here a few years ago, I was full of brightly optimistic decorating ideas, involving distressed gold wallpaper, vintage tea chests, sideboards and old cocktail cabinets. But in reality, my lovely house is now perpetually overrun by my teenage daughter and her party friends. Love Island is on a 24-hour loop, reverberating through every wall and the open-plan kitchen / living room resembles a campsite at Glastonbury, on account of the number of friends I let ‘Her Teenage’ have back to our house every weekend.

But it’s 2023 and I’ve had a ‘mare of a year already! I’m signed off sick at work for 2 months, which would be quite the novelty for me, if it didn’t involve so much time stuck indoors. And that just leads me to brood on the blank walls and sprawly, messy clutter I have accrued in this accidental party flat.

Marcias Interiors

best soft furnishings glasgow

But, just outside my front door, close to Byres Road, I get to come over, all ‘Westend Fancy.’ Tucked away down Ruthven Lane, nestled on the edge of the shopping arcade, is the newly opened Marcias Interiors.  Bespoke, high end flooring affeciandos might recognise the name from the herringbone, real wood and parquet collections they have long supplied globally from their Hillington trade outlet. But they’ve branched out into a much more chic shopping district with this west-end store.

It showcases unique design pieces, like the antique apothecary drawers, terrarium coffee tables (yes, they really do sell super sleek tables that are fully functioning plant and herb gardens as well!) cushions, chairs and birchwood sofas from Stockholm. For me, it’s all about the luxury artisan sink basins though, and days after my visit to the shop I can’t stop thinking about the Maisie Moroccan hand bathroom sink and the small handcrafted copper bath.

At the Art of it…

There’s a glorious mix of artwork pieces too, ranging from vintage prints, pop art posters, handpainted ceramic tiles, new work from renowned and emerging artists and decorative display pieces presented in encased box frames.
And if you like signage art but want to stay classy (so, none of that crushingly bad ‘Live. Laugh. Love’ stuff here!), look no further than the oversized metal letters, each one made from recycled oil canisters.
Radiant posies of dried flowers, in cornetto bunches and decorative glass vases are charmingly dotted around and there’s plans afoot to grow the floristry side of things too.
I fall a little bit in love with the look of it all from the moment I step inside. I am quickly cocooned into a carefully curated collection that’s imbued with enchanting warmth and verve.
Just before I leave, I catch a glimpse of the super cool ‘Bitti-Gritti’ smartphone speaker. This, I decide, would be the perfect way to listen to my own music and drown out that Love Island loop at home.
It’s a really thoughtful mix of luxe style and charming, smaller interior touches that will make you and any visitors to your home smile. I’m so glad it’s just on my doorstep.  37 Ruthven Lane, G12 9BG


The mighty, interior revolution taking place in the west spins brightly into revamped orbit at Bluebellgray on Hyndland Road. Fi Douglas, creator and founder of the beloved homeware brand has kickstarted Spring with a seriously spruced up shop.
At the risk of sounding like a joy sucking version of Marie Kondo, I was disappointed at first when I swung by the beautiful interiors hub, hoping to catch up with the team and see the exciting changes they’d made inside. I’d heard about their plans to launch a new kitchen collection inspired by the hypnotic colour palette of Lochaber, where Fi grew up, amidst vibrant greens and soothing pink nature, and I’d watched mesmerising footage on their Instagram page showing the team hard at work, putting back together a shop with their trademark dreamy aesthetic, new collections and updated lighting, tiling, vinyl and signage.

Worth the Wait

Unfortunately, the store was running ever so slightly behind schedule and the fairy dust finishing touches were still to be sprinkled around the space. The shop was closed and I was devastated at not being able to see all the shiny new things before my deadline!
But, being catapulted gently into another world, overflowing with designs that are always happy, playful and free, should not be rushed, and I’m delighted to say the little wait was well worth it!
Pretty, floral-led patterns, in delicate, bright hues adorn the new bedding, textile and soft  furnishing collections, while bold brushstrokes give statement grace to accent lampshades, curtains  and cushions. The scene is set for simple, elegant living.

best soft furnishings glasgow

This magical air extends to the gifts and products sourced from around the world that compliment the bespoke and statement pieces. There’s Kanthas hand embroidered throws, where the stitching method harks back to ancient Indian times and this will lend a magnificent glow and sense of cosiness to your home. What’s more, moments of calm are injected into your Bluebellgray inspired space by adding any of the wonderfully scented Bonne candles (bergamont is my absolute favourite!) they stock.
Of course, a visit to Bluebellgray wouldn’t be complete without checking out the exciting additions made to the kids area. Set up a few, freshly painted, brightly coloured stairs, there’s cloud and raindrop baby mobiles, dress up costumes and trinkets from the seaside too.
I’m guessing, Bluebellgray, like Marie Kondo found that clearing out clutter, really does spark joy. 162 Hyndland Rd, G12 9HZ

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