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Megan Thee Stallion

Thursday 4th July 7pm

OVO Hydro

I’m probably taking a risk in choosing Megan Thee Stallion (aka Megan Jovon Ruth Pete) to preview. If she ever reads this and she doesn’t approve, then I could be in trouble … disses and vendetta lyrics seem to be her thing. Should I all out disrespect her in the hope that I might achieve infamy in one of her songs? … it’s tempting … but I really do like her choices … be it lyrically or collaboratively, she knows where and how to place herself. The multiple award winning rapper is a powerful, dominant Texan woman (hence the nomenclature “Stallion”) … she has no fear. It’s not the music I usually gravitate to (being a 57 year old funkateer), but her performances are compelling, intimidating and forceful. She is out on her first global headline tour called “Hot Girl Summer Tour” from May till August with a new album release later this year. I chickened out.

Choice Track: Megan Thee Stallion – “Not My Fault”

The Midnight

Wednesday 24th July 6:30pm

Kelvingrove Bandstand

The Midnight is an American synthwave duo composed of Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle (38) and Los Angeles–based Danish-born singer-songwriter-producer-drummer Tim McEwan (44). They usually augment their live performances with three other musicians. Most notably the unshackled Justin Klunk on saxophone! Man, I so don’t know what’s hip these days … dancing saxophonists wandering all over the stage playing Grover Washington licks at the drop of a hat over authentic 80’s synth backing tracks? They even do a cover of Patti Smith’s “Because The Night” … it can’t get more 80’s than that! They wouldn’t look out of place on the bill at the Rewind and Let’s Rock festivals that we play at every year with the likes of Nik Kershaw, Go West & Blancmange. Is this a construct? Tapping into a bit of 80’s nostalgia? I don’t think it is. The crowds are young and enthusiastic, they’ve grown up with this style of music via their parents and now they have a band to call their own.

Choice Track: The Midnight – “Los Angeles”


Tuesday 30th July 7pm


Katie Crutchfeild was born in Waxahatchee Creek near Shelby in the Southeastern state of Alabama. She left there 10 years ago and struck out on her own as Waxahatchee. There’s a bit of Lucinda Williams, Gillian Welch and even some Sheryl Crow in how she sounds. There’s also some grit in there too amongst all the strummy guitars and 3 part harmonies, probably comes from her early years exploring a more indie, grungier sound. She’s got the balance just about right now on her latest album Tigers Blood. Her and her 4 piece band have embarked upon a huge world tour which runs from May till September. That’s gonna be a slog, but the venues are all a decent size, so they should do ok.

Choice Track: Waxahatchee – “Right Back To It”


Loyle Carner

Thursday 15th August 7pm

Galvanizers Yard SWG3

Benjamin Gerard Coyle-Larner, known professionally as Loyle Carner, is a 29 year old English hip hop artist. He’s 3 albums into his career and has been nominated for a mercury prize and 3 Brit awards. Along with his esteemed producers Nick Mills & Kwes, he makes sample based modernistic jazz/gospel style grooves. It’s all pretty laid back, but lyrically he’s disarmingly open, commenting on identity, mixed-race roots and parental relationships. He’s also a foodie and has a side hobby as a chef teaching kids with ADHD how to cook, going by the name “Chilli Con Carner”. In fact his marvellous cut “Ottolenghi” is named after his favourite chef, Yotam Ottolenghi . Special mention goes out to the collaborator on this track, Jordan Rakei who sings the choruses so beautifully. This could be my Summer Song this year! Please check out the video too … it’s very clever.

Choice Track: Loyle Carner – “Ottolenghi”

Ezequiel Arias

Sunday 25th August 5pm

Radisson Red Glasgow

Ezequiel Arias is an electronic music artist who currently lives in Córdoba, Argentina. But he was born in the region of Patagonia on the southern end of South America, which is governed by both Argentina and Chile. That sounds complicated. He is an emerging star in the world of progressive house with a distinct tilt towards using real analogue synthesisers in his music. There are many videos of him in his studio surrounded by Moogs, Prophet 5’s, Korgs … all kinds of iconic instruments. You can hear it in his music, he’s studious, he’s skilful with them but there’s always healthy levels of energy and degrees of fun and playfulness in his arrangements. But it really is those deep synths poking out of his tracks that makes him stand out. He’s wandering the Globe doing DJ sets from April till August this year.

Choice track: Ezequiel Arias – “You”

Julianna Riolino

Thursday 29th August 7:30pm

The Hug and Pint

Julianna Riolino is an Alt Country Rock singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada. She has spent most of her career as a side player for various bands, deciding to step out into the spotlight with her debut solo album ‘All Blue’ in 2022 and being front and centre really suits her. She also has surrounded herself with a wonderfully authentic and effortlessly capable backing band. This music is all about ‘feel’ and the push and pull of these arrangements is just so engaging … shout out to the drummer and pedal steel player, Ian Romano and Aaron Goldstein.

Choice track: Julianna Riolino – “Queen Of Spades”

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