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Westender @ Santorini Restaurant Glasgow

best new greek restaurants glasgow Santorini argyle st

One of the Best New Greek Restaurants in Glasgow, Santorini on Argyle St certainly fits the bill…

Reviewed by Amy Glasgow @ theglasgowdiet

If you’ve been wondering where the Spanish tapas bar and restaurant Rioja on Argyle Street disappeared to, you wouldn’t be the only one. The good news is that in its place, a Greek restaurant inspired by its namesake, Santorini, has opened, serving up traditional Greek mezze using fresh, vibrant ingredients.

As someone who has been visiting Greece every summer for the past 20 years, I tend to be quite picky about Greek restaurants, so I was curious to see if Santorini would live up to my expectations.

Like so many restaurants today, the menu is designed to be shared, with dishes coming out as and when they are ready, so we started with some pitta bread with tzatziki and Melinzanosalata, a roasted aubergine dip flavoured with fresh garlic and olive oil. The aubergine dip was the standout for me, full of the heady aroma of garlic, with the richness of olive oil and a finishing zing of fresh lemon.

Classic Greek Dishes

Alongside dips there are a range of Greek-inspired dishes on the menu, from salads to Greek classics, seafood and dishes from the grill such as chicken, pork souvlaki or grilled halloumi.

best new greek restaurants glasgow santorini argyle st

The classics were total crowd pleasers, from the grilled halloumi and pomegranate salad, the halloumi fries to the chicken souvlaki. However, the standouts for me were the more unique and traditional dishes, like the Pastitsio, a dish that is known as the Greek Lasagne, with layers of pasta, minced lamb in a rich tomato and lightly spiced sauce, and topped with a creamy bechamel. For cheese lovers, I recommend ordering the Flaming Saganaki. Something I ALWAYS order when I’m in Corfu on holiday, it is a Greek semi-hard cheese that is lightly coated in flour and fried until crisp on the outside and oozying and gooey on the inside. Here at Santorini, it is served in a cast iron skillet with the flame till licking the sides of the dish.

There are lots of other dishes I would love to go back and try, with options to suit every diet, from veggie to pescatarian. Santorini is the perfect spot for relaxing over a long lunch with cocktails and wine with friends in the heart of Finnieston.

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