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by Lisa Trainer: Red Door Interiors

bringing the outside inside

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Design … How do we do it?

Bringing the outside inside and artfully creating this seamless integration is often challenging though totally liberating, especially in this climate. But when the sun eventually shines and the temperature rises in Glasgow town, it is even more important to take advantage of the benefits of this luxury as summer is upon us.

Increased light and the physiological effects and health benefits of this are immediately apparent and all of a sudden interior spaces are lit with a new perspective. What a joy to see natural light flooding in to otherwise dull corners. Everything comes alive and the fundamental principle of letting in as much natural light as possible becomes a priority. Bringing the outside in is an essential component of interior design to root your home in its own surroundings and connecting these spaces creates continuity and context.

Bringing the Outside In

Biophilia encourages a closer connection to our love of nature using natural resources and pulling from patterns and materials to create a sense of harmony and calm in this busy, noisy world we live in. Simply incorporating textiles, furniture, lighting and design solutions which blend with the setting itself, always with planting, greenery and foliage, makes for a sensory living experience with health, environmental and economic benefits for all occupants.

blending indoor and outdoor space
Armchair with patterned pillow and stool in living room interior with grey sofa and posters. Real photo

And there are no rules, according to Bespoke Atelier, an innovative Glasgow based design studio who for the last decade have been blending the worlds of art and architecture inventing unique patterns as fabrics and wall coverings to enhance interiors, products and buildings. Their new collection, aptly named Dream Garden is a journey of imagination and discovery through ethereal landscapes and architectural features overlapping with botanicals and immersed in nature – the perfect mural backdrop and feature wall in any living space, garden room or conservatory.

All three new designs are available in two colour-ways, dawn or dusk and really do bring a sense of dreamy escape and calm. Whether it is the muted sun kissed sandy tones of terracotta and pale lemons or the tranquil blues and deep indigos of a night sky, these hand drawn illustrative designs really are a work of art. And the best bit.. there is no match, so no waste and unique results every time!

Craig and Rose Russet, moorish yellow, Lido blue and olive laque all compliment the colour palettes of these wonderful creations.

Doors and Windows

Large wide windows (even small unexpected glass fenestrations capturing a ray of sunshine) and glass doors improve a room. This is by accomplished by framing any outdoor scene whether a garden vignette with lush greenery, busy street scene or countryside vista. Sliding, patio or bi-fold make for easy movement between spaces, kept clear of furniture to make this flow as comfortably as possible and maximise on visual effects. Both areas will feel like one when the doors are open, the birds are singing and the barbecue is sizzling!

Take advice from an architect who will be able to advise you of designs and costs to carry out any structural work, then get creative…often small changes can have a huge impact. Consider carrying an indoor theme outdoors to break down this barrier too. Continuing the same floor tile or wall finish is an interesting solution and really can extend a living space.

blending outdoor and indoor space

Outdoor Space

Outdoor dining adjacent to your indoor kitchen is a real bonus in a garden especially when friends and family are lounging on the terrace and cooking can become part of the whole social experience. Built in BBQ’s, storage for utensils and a small prep area are essentials and don’t take up a lot of space. The addition of outdoor electricity and water help keep these as flexible as possible, added easily to help create this natural extension to the house. Comfortable furniture, large parasols, rugs and outdoor cushions all help to create an outside room and outdoor fire pits, patio heaters and even a collection of hurricane lamps, candles and garden lights can all enhance the perfect atmosphere as the sun goes down, the wine is flowing and the interminable west coast midges are hopefully well under control!

The neighbourhood West End Garden Centre is a one stop shop for an extensive range of diverse and unusual plants, pots and furniture and is a pleasure to visit – everything under one roof to create the perfect lifestyle oasis for summer living.

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