New Year, New Opportunities

Career changes, new opportunities? Jen Cadger has some pointers.

career changes new opportunities
Jen Cadger Belter Marketing

New Year tends to be a time for reflection and an opportunity to look ahead. However, between the Covid years and the current environmental and economic climates, you’d be forgiven for having other priorities. Perhaps you feel a bit uncomfortable getting your social hat back on or creative juices flowing again. So, to inspire and motivate you for 2023, here are a few suggestions of new opportunities you could try. Plus, we’ve rounded up a few people in the Westender community willing and able to help you!

Trying something new pushes us out of our comfort zone and encourages a growth mindset, which is known to develop learning and confidence. It also builds resilience and encourages us to handle challenges in a more positive way.

career changes new opportunities
Nicky Brown, Coach to Growth

Nicky Brown at Coach to Growth, suggests “Take a moment to reflect – how happy and fulfilled is your life right now? If you’re not living in a world that brings you joy, makes your heart sing and brings the best out of you then consider what changes you may need to make.” 

There are often barriers that stop us making change, from low confidence to fear to poor mental health. However, with the right help, support and encouragement these barriers can be overturned to improve confidence, lose the fear and strengthen mental health. Ruth Allan from Speak Out Languages says she often sees the ‘confidence doubter’ in her customers. “Individuals who are scared they’ll be hopeless or were told they weren’t good at languages at school. Our ethos is that learning a language should be fun. It’s not about being 100% correct, you just need to be understood! Post Covid we’ve had many people join us to get back into the swing of being social and meeting others face-to-face again.”

A career change

career changes new opportunities
Laurie Macpherson Career Wing Woman

Whether you’re actively looking for a new role or just weighing up your options it’s worthwhile considering your core values and doing some personal development work first. Nicky says “Everyone has a different definition of success. However, most of us need our work life to align with our personal values. Understanding and accepting these values can lead to inner peace and greater happiness, both at home and at work.” Laurie Macpherson, Career Wing Woman, adds “You may be amazing at your job but your existing employer keeps making promises that don’t happen and you’ve had enough. Or you may no longer enjoy your job and want to find something different that you love. These are common problems I help my clients with. Remember, you’re never too old. There are lots of jobs out there. You absolutely can find and do something else.”

The business move

If you’re a business owner that’s survived the Covid years, you know you’ve solid foundations. But what if you’re keen to move your business forward or take it in a new direction? Perhaps you’re considering turning a side hustle or hobby into a full-time venture? Westender magazine is embarking on their own strategic business move (details to follow soon, watch this space…) but it wasn’t possible without support from a great network. And working with other businesses, like Belter Marketing, to research, develop and plan out their next moves.

If you’re considering a business move, try your local Business Gateway, Chamber of Commerce or other networking groups to find out more. Don’t’ be afraid to ask for help or learn from the knowledge and experience of other business owners. 

Discover a new hobby

Ruth Allan Speak Out Languages

Considering taking up a new hobby or interest? Choose something that you’re genuinely interested in and you’ll stay motivated and committed for longer. This could be anything from a dance or exercise class to learning a new language. The latter has shown to boost mental health and slow dementia according to recent research from Thomas Bak at The University of Edinburgh. Speak Out Languages offer a range of language programmes from their Edinburgh and Glasgow sites. They even offer a lunchtime language option for businesses looking to give their employees a social, interactive break in their day. 

Gain a qualification

Wish you’d studied a particular subject at school but didn’t get the chance? Want to go to college or university as a mature student? Looking to complete a qualification to support your current role? If you’re looking at this option for 2023 then consider the time, investment and commitment you’d need to make. There are a range of options from online courses to evening classes to degree qualifications. Check out your local college or university for more details. Or use an online platform or academy like The Open University, Udemy, Google Digital Academy or Pearsons to help you find the right course. 

Smaller steps

If some of the above options feel like a big leap then take a smaller step first. You could meet with a few friends and chat about their hobbies, activities or aspirations – it might give you some ideas or you could try something new together. Consider joining a one-off class/workshop/seminar. There’s no long-term commitment but you get the chance to be social, try something new and at a lower price point. Check out some Glasgow events on Eventbrite or use local groups/communities on social media. 

2023 has the potential to be a positive year as we move back towards ‘normality’ but with a different perspective on life and the world. Let’s use this to our advantage to embrace change, be more resilient and boost our mental health and happiness for the year ahead. 

Further details on local businesses we’ve mentioned above can be found on their websites.

Laurie Macpherson, Career Wing Woman lauriemacpherson

Nicky Brown, Coach to Growth coachtogrowth

Ruth Allan, Speak Out Languages speakoutwithconfidence

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