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Creating more space versus moving. Extensions can be the key to the unwanted move. Here’s one Westender’s story.

creating more space versus moving
Moving home is a financially and emotionally fraught prospect at the best of times. And this is not the best of times. So, if you need more space for an expanding family or continuing work from home arrangements, what about building out or even up?  Suzanne Martin speaks to one Westender and his builder to find out more.

Like many during that first lockdown, Joe Walker of Joe Walker’s Flooring in Clydebank, felt the walls closing in at home. Unlike many, Joe took a sledgehammer to his small kitchen and adjacent downstairs bathroom in Knightswood, to make a larger dining kitchen for his family of four. All that hard graft only to realise the space was still too small. What to do?

The Architect

Acknowledging his skills lay in Karndean Flooring rather than homemade extensions, Joe sought the help of recommended, and now award winning, architect Gavin McAuley of McAuley Architecture based in Hamilton. Joe and wife Maxine, gave Gavin full rein to choose and design everything from the entire kitchen specification to the garden space. 

With approved plans in hand, what could potentially have been the hardest part of the build arrived – finding a builder. As a member of the Business Networking International (BNI) group, Joe asked new member, Michael Cochrane of MC Construction, to tender. Joe was impressed with Michael’s attention to detail and Michael was awarded the contract – not a bad introduction to a business networking group!


The Build

The build was complex as not only was there the kitchen / dining extension with five panel bi-fold doors, but a complete redesign of the living room with built in media wall, downstairs wet room, plus garden man cave with two lots of composite decking and outdoor tiling. 

To maximise the garden space Gavin’s plans had Michael lay the decking to a point, a unique design that leads on to the porcelain tile area and barbeque. Joe’s team laid the practical fake grass that he sells in-store, leading onto the further composite deck area and man cave. This extra space came into it’s own during the further lockdowns. Laid with Joe’s luxury vinyl tiles, the space hosts the family’s games room. 

Boundary issues with the property next door created opportunity for further design tweaks by Gavin and an open, yet covered, side extension was made. The front door to the property is now to the front, rather than its previous position as a side entrance. This created space for a front entrance hall, downstairs wet room and utility room – with a door leading onto that open but covered space for bins and storage. Practical space so useful for the reality of family life.

The Finer Details

And with practicality and luxury in mind, Joe brought in his own guys to lay the black and white mosaic Karndean Flooring in the new hallway leading through to the real wood herringbone flooring in the new extension. This Ted Todd flooring is warm and visually stunning, but practical in that, being real, it can be re sanded and varnished after a few years of heavy wear. So, a green solution also.

 Instructed by Gavin, Michael installed the Silestone Calcutta worktops to go with Gavin’s choice of matt black kitchen. But as an interior design magazine fan, Maxine knew exactly what she wanted for the shower room. 

creating more space versus moving

 With ripped out page in hand, she showed Michael the herringbone wall tiles and mosaic floor she wanted, and the room’s bespoke sink was duly ordered from Italy. The unique pipework caused Michael no end of headaches, as did the toilet cistern which needed hidden in the false wall created between the shower room and the utility next door. As Michael acknowledges however, the effect is simply stunning. With the room’s pocket door fitted the whole effect is as Michael states ‘really classy’.

 With the whole ground floor of the property being redesigned and extended, the family living room also underwent a complete refurbishment with the installation of a full media wall complete with 70 inch TV,  plus built in fireplace with alcoves for lighting.

 Joe acknowledges the family now live in the extension and it’s the most relaxing space in the home. From man with sledgehammer to this, Joe’s redesigned home has come a long way.

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