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help for women following sexual trauma Glasgow

Say Women is a Glasgow-based charity providing semi-supported accommodation to young women who have been subject to sexual violence. The charity is aimed at women aged 16-25 who are facing homelessness due to their experience of sexual trauma.

The flats the charity provide are at a confidential address and are secure. Staff are on site if required and residents safety is of the highest priority. The charity are just finishing another two fully furnished, high spec flats to add to their portfolio of six. The flats are individual with a secure outside courtyard for the young women to breathe and feel safe. The flats are available for up to 18 months and the women are supported to find tenancies thereafter.

Say Women’s ethos follows a trauma model which notes that the first step in recovery from trauma is to establish safety. The private, secure, confidential flats allow the young women to begin to heal by providing this safe environment. As well as the physical support of providing the flats, the charity also provides emotional and practical support for the women from the first day. Some of the services include one-to-one emotional support with their key worker, sessional activities to build self esteem and belonging to a community of people who understand.

Most crucially, young women who need help can self-refer. Self-referral may encourage young women who are experiencing sexual violence and facing homelessness to reach out.
Young women in need of the charity’s help can contact the office by –

t: 0141 552 5803

Help for Women following Sexual Trauma Glasgow visit –
#SayWomen across socials

The service also accept referrals from the young woman’s support worker/practitioner if they would feel more comfortable to do it that way. There are spaces available and referrals are welcome.

With Say Women, you’re not alone. Please contact the service now.

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