How Do I Deal with Life Transitions?

coping with life changes

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs, where what we knew, what was familiar, no longer fits.  Whether it’s a breakup, a job move, or simply just not feeling like yourself anymore… 

The Times They Are a-Changing

life transitions
Ali and Jo, Sorted Home Organisers

By Tracy Mukherjee

How do I deal with life transitions? Have you ever felt that you are feeling a little bit lost?  Transition is indeed extremely difficult to navigate.  It can leave us floundering, wondering where the person we used to be has gone. It’s a lonely time trying to regain that sense of identity. 

If only there were services out there that could help during these times.  Funny you should mention that… because there are.  Their aim is to get you back to feeling in charge; indeed, of feeling you again.

Ali and Jo Sorted Home Organisers

When your mind is consumed by making transitions, it can be a task too far to have your home in perfect order.  

That’s where Ali and Jo of Sorted Home Organisers come in. Having the talent and desire to help friends and family led them to realising there was a gap in the market.  They took the plunge and started their own home organising business in Glasgow.  Sorted have clients going through different changes: whether the positive change of becoming parents and requiring help to get the home ready, or indeed the sadness of divorce, when the family home needs organised to be sold.  Alison says “sometimes it’s simply that a client has reached a point of deciding that they don’t want to live a certain way anymore and they’d just like a little help getting their home the way they want it to be.”

The Sorted team see clients going through many life transitions and are well placed to help get them feeling focused.  “Any time of transition can bring a mix of emotions,” says Jo. “We take each client’s back story into account and help them to create calm, organised, stylish spaces in their homes. We have to be sympathetic to our clients’ needs and build a positive relationship with them.” 

From a personal perspective, I think I’d have to tidy before Sorted came around! “There is genuinely no judgement,” says Jo. “We applaud anyone who is willing to make their life and home work better for them.”

And my, can Ali and Jo get your home to work better for you!  They can help with every part of the home.   And that new, organised space, doesn’t just impact on the building, does it?  “Never underestimate the effect your living space has on your emotional well-being” says Ali.  Through this period of change, clients shouldn’t then, feel on their own?  “Our lives are all so busy now and if we can help people create calm, organised and ultimately happier homes then we’ve done our job well,” say the Sorted Team. “We feel incredibly lucky to do what we do and help people along the way.” 

Theresa, Hypno-Therapist

The psychological impact that change can have on a person is enormous.  Stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues can often go into overdrive when we are going through life changes.  Theresa Gallagher is a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  With a real passion for understanding the workings of the human mind, Theresa embarked on her journey with hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Processing (NLP).  She overcame her own fear of public speaking through Hypnotherapy.  “The effects were so significant that it changed my life and I decided to pursue it as my career to help others overcome their challenges too.”

Like Sorted Home Organisers, Theresa sees clients undergoing a whole host of transitions. Changing jobs, for example.  “It’s a complete change in their daily lives that impacts everything,” says Theresa. “As they evaluate their skills and capabilities, feelings of self-doubt can arise, and stress and anxiety can start to take hold disrupting their daily lives.”  So how can Hypnotherapy help? “By identifying and addressing the underlying issues that are causing their anxiety.” says Theresa. “They are able to work through any unresolved emotional conflicts.  It also teaches relaxation techniques to help clients manage anxiety on their own, change negative thoughts and feelings and reduce physical symptoms of anxiety.”

Theresa’s clients are ready to sing her praises, with many wishing they had discovered it sooner.  She says, “I’m consistently humbled by the rapid transformation that occurs during therapy and the life-changing impact it has on my clients.”

Elena – The Closet Stylist 

life transitions

Elena Taggart is a personal stylist and regular fashion stylist for Westender Magazine.  Her background was marketing, then business and personal branding.  Having always loved personal styling, she was constantly giving advice to friends and family on what to wear “Friends were forever asking me for advice for weddings, for interviews etc., sending pictures.” Elena decided to make the leap and style professionally.

And it’s a leap that Elena absolutely loves. Her clients come from a variety of backgrounds, with many of them facing a whole host of transitions. “The first question I ask is ‘How do you feel when you open your wardrobe?’” says Elena.  “The main response I get is ‘overwhelmed’. Overwhelmed not by clothes but by life – menopause, divorce depression, weight gain, grief.  By losing part of yourself and not knowing where it’s gone.” 

Transition, she feels can even be a profound lack of self-confidence, feeling lost as to who you are and not knowing where to even start in getting that sense of self back.

We all know that feeling before we walk out the door.  This looks awful; therefore, I feel awful.  Clothes and the impact they have on how we feel about ourselves is enormous. “Your body shape can change so profoundly – through having children, medical issues, weight loss – who are you then?” says Elena. “In your head you were so sure of who you were.  It’s not just about how you dress; but if you don’t feel good about yourself, how do you bring your best self to every situation?”

So, you decide to hire Elena.  What happens?  After an initial contact and questionnaire, Elena visits, gently taking her clients through their wardrobe and helping them understand and dress their body shape well.  It can be an emotional journey; letting go, if they are willing, of items which have sentimental value, but simply no longer suit them.  Elena explains how she sees this process. “If it suits your shape, you are going to feel good in that item.  You’ve got to feel amazing in it.  If it’s ‘it will do…for work’…these phrases should never describe anything you have in your wardrobe!”

As well as the “Wardrobe Edit”, Elena provides a personal shopping service, but isn’t that expensive? “One client said to me ‘for the cost of a hair appointment, you’ve sorted me out for the next 6 months’” she says.  Elena introduces clients to the concept of capsule wardrobes, “You might buy ten pieces – but that’s 100 outfits” says Elena.  “It’s not about spending lots of money.  Find quality items that work well together. It’s fewer items and a lot more outfits.”

And the impact of Elena’s service? ““The changes you have had on me have stretched way further than the wardrobe.  I don’t think you appreciate the impact you can have on people’s lives” says one client.  That can’t be hard to hear.  Elena says “I want my clients to feel ‘I now know what my style is, what suits me.  I should not feel any social pressure to conform.  Because I look great!’ 

Because you’ve reconnected to your true self.  Hello again.

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