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The Wee Kitchen Shop – Specialist Kitchen Designer Glasgow

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When Ann and Iain moved from Broomhill to Hyndland, there was no question who they’d engage to renovate their new ‘old’ kitchen – Greg and his team at The Wee Kitchen Shop.

Their decision rested on the fact that they’d already invested in a Wee Kitchen from Greg at their Broomhill home. ‘We could see, looking ahead, that living on the top floor would become an issue so we moved to a first floor property in Hyndland before that happened,’ explains Ann. ‘Our new kitchen was dated however and we knew straight away that we would ask Greg along again to take a look.

‘The workmanship, and the workmen, that Greg engages are fantastic. It sounds simple but they turn up when they say they will,
do an amazing job, then tidy up after themselves. It makes life so much easier.’

Iain and Ann went for custom coloured solid wood Shaker units with pewter knob and cup handles, complimented by a quartz worktop and Karndean flooring.

Ann wanted the sink moved from in front of the window to make space for seating,
and a peninsular unit taken out. Greg drew up plans with the new configuration but included

heating within the bench for cosy socialising and lots of deep drawers rather than pull out units. The difference is in how the couple use their new space. ‘It’s all so much more open and sociable now,’ says Ann. ‘There’s space to sit and chat with friends over coffee and scones and we can watch the birds in the nearby trees and park too. It really makes the most of our lovely view.

‘And it sounds simple but the deep drawers are so much easier to use. There’s no more scrambling on hands and knees to see what’s at the back of cupboards, just
pull out a drawer and it’s easy to see all your dishes, pots and food laid out and within easy grasp. I’m so glad we returned to Greg and The Wee Kitchen Shop a second time.’

The Wee Kitchen Shop – Specialist Kitchen Designer Glasgow

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