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winter interior ideas

Winter home interior ideas await…

winter interior ideas
Ercol Bed Frame

Bleakest mid-winter? Mother nature what are you thinking? The battle lines are drawn and I’m bringing out the scented candles!

Once the festivities are done and the tree picked up for chipping, home can seem a bit grim. But let loose your senses and warm up your nest using tactile fabrics, warm colours, twinkling lights and gorgeous scents. Little treats can go a long way to making this darkest time of year just that bit more bearable. A lovely walk through one of our parks with a friend to pick up a proper coffee, finished off with a return home and a proper coorie in with some homemade soup. Doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

Rich jewel colours displayed in luxuriously thick and tactile fabrics are an instant visual brightener. Bluebellgray on Hyndland Road have a wide range of colours from emerald and peacock to ginger and midnight in their velvet fabric range, which you can purchase by the metre. 

Velvet is great for winter windows to block draughts whilst its natural heft means it hangs well and just looks so cosy. A great start for bedrooms and living rooms. Bluebellgray also carry a range of jewel and candy coloured cushions in these fabrics – couldn’t be easier!  

And speaking of draughts, draught excluders have come a long way since I knocked them out in home eccy class. I found a gorgeous one in Nancy Smillie  – both practical and too cute, in the shape of a Schnauzer. Honestly, why not?! 

Kensington Sofa

Velvet Fabric

I also came across a range of sofas and chairs in lovely chenilles and velvets. My favourite has to be the curved three-seater Kensington Sofa. Available in a range of jewel brights it’s a real statement piece for your living room. The colours gladden the eye whilst the fabric is warm and tactile to touch. I can imagine many a happy evening of cosying with loved ones watching a family movie on this.

From living room to bedroom, Forrest Furnishing on South Street has lots of options. With my love of 

mid-century furniture however,  I gravitated towards their Ercol range of cosy chairs, sofas, storage options and beds. Their Rimini bed frame and three drawer bedside set in pale oak look great offset against deeply coloured walls and plush jewel coloured bedding. With chamfered planked head and base boards and softly turned legs, the era’s understated style is expressed beautifully. 

 I also love a cosy single chair in a bedroom for quiet reading or contemplation (read curtain twitching). And there’s so many interesting tub seat style options now. It all adds to the cosy warmth and decadence.

 And talking about decadence, plush bedding is definitely the order of the day, or night.  With lighter nights still a way off, feeling cosy at bedtime is a must for a good night’s sleep. After that, you can take on the world. At Niki Jones on Great Western Road they have a fabulously curated range of cushions, rugs and bedding, all to turn your boudoir into a cosy nest that you’ll want to unwind in. 

Their velvet linen throw in Golden Lichen and Natural Linen is beautifully soft and perfect as a quilt. The quilt is hand stitched on quality materials and filled with 100% cotton, so you’ll feel encased and cosy on yet another freezing winter’s evening. And if it rains, all the better, you’ll feel even snugglier.  

But I’m an absolute sucker for twinkly fairy lights all year round. I have them draped round the stair newels and round fireplaces. Their cute spots of light are absolutely necessary in deepest mid-winter, as far as I’m concerned. Plus you can find so many fun ones now!   

And alongside lights are candle scents. I love the range by Timeless By Liana carried by Cassiopeia on Hyndland Road. Created to engage the senses and evoke feelings, their scents are heavenly – now, where’s my matches?

For more winter home interior ideas visit stockists below.

Rimini Bed Frame by Ercol, 
£1039 sale / £1385 after sale,
Forrest Furnishing
1175 South Street

Velvet Fabric, 
£48 per metre

162 Hyndland Rd


Velvet Linen Throw, 
Niki Jones 
496 Great Western Road

Black Rose & Oud Candle, 
165 Hyndland Road

Schnauzer Draft Excluder

Kensington Sofa,
Both from
The Nancy Smillie Shop 
53 Cresswell Lane

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