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BSC Rec Team recreational football glasgow
by Tracy Mukherjee

Women’s recreational football in Glasgow
In 2004 as a local charity, Broomhill Sports Club provided primary children the opportunity of team sports. Now they have established 11 a-side football teams in both women’s and men’s leagues.  But it’s the newly founded Broomhill Sports Club Recreational Football Team who are in a league of their own.

If, like me, you used to love team sports when you were younger, you may well yearn for the comradery of a netball court, a hockey field or, indeed a football pitch. But a few years older, more than a few pounds heavier, having team-mates depend on you can seem intimidating.  They are competitive sports after all. 

What if there were team sports out there that took the pressure off, were very much about playing the game of course, but the focus was on fun and friendship?

Like Broomhill Sports Club Recreational (BSC Rec) Women’s Football Team.

Lorraine Martin, is the Team Co-ordinator and found herself in the position of wanting to play footie but having difficulty finding the right team to fit. Having moved back to Glasgow in 2021, the groups available seemed extremely serious – coached, in leagues and requiring dedicated commitment, fitness and skill that Lorraine herself admits she no longer had. 

In the beginning…

She says “In early 2022 I was looking for a casual (football) group.  I volunteered to do some work for the Broomhill Sports Club Charity and asked if they happened to know of any casual women’s football groups in the city. The club said they had been thinking of trying to start such a group and would I be interested in setting one up.  The rest is history!”

In the beginning BSC Rec relied on the larger Broomhill Sports Club. It supplemented the team with players – enough at least for a 4 aside game. The team grew organically and was helped by the higher profile of women’s football. That number now stands at almost 30 players turning up to a session – even on a cold winter’s night!  

BSC Rec Team recreational football glasgow

From the first session in 2022 the aim of the team was clear.  Lorraine says “Our ethos is that ANYONE can come along and play – it doesn’t matter if you’ve never kicked a ball before, what age you are, how fit you are: we welcome everyone and it’s been a real pleasure watching people improve their skills over the weeks and months and also gain confidence and build new friendships. Hearing the laugher and seeing all the smiles during our sessions always makes my day!”

All welcome

With a conscious choice not to have a coach it means even in competitive games players are chosen at random.  Lorraine adds “our selection process is super inclusive and everyone has the same chance of being ‘picked’. I think this really does foster an environment of equality and ensuring that everyone feels valued.”

And that environment of acceptance of all skills and capabilities goes far beyond having a good game of football. 

She adds “Feeling part of a welcoming and encouraging community is also priceless in terms of the mental health benefits and boosting our endorphins.” 

There is certainly something to be said for such an inclusive, accepting mentality.  The team have even won their first ever trophy!  Having never played 7 a-side, the team entered the beginners Winter Firhill 7s competition – and only went and won it! 

“(It’s) quite the achievement given that we’ve never been coached… and we let anyone play in our team regardless of ability,” adds Lorraine. “It was such an incredible high to win our first ever trophy in the same month as we celebrated our first birthday.”   

BSC Rec Team recreational football glasgow

Get Involved

So, with a win behind them, numbers growing and friendships blossoming, what’s next for BSC Rec?  Well sponsorship actually!  The team have just secured joint sponsorship through women-owned businesses Branding Boutique and Pacitti Hamilton, both based in Paisley.  Time to get those new football strips designed ladies!

The future is looking really bright for Broomhill Sports Club Recreational Women’s Team.  And it all started with just wanting to have a kick about with like minded people.  What would Lorraine say to anyone thinking about joining a local women’s team? Still a bit worried about needing to be extra fit or turning up and not knowing anyone?

“I’d say come along and belong! It’s such an encouraging, diverse, and friendly bunch of people and we regularly hear from newcomers about how much they loved their first session, didn’t expect it to be so friendly and encouraging and are so glad that they came along. As for fitness levels, I’m one of the most unfit people there, so don’t worry about that!” 

For more information on how to get involved in women’s recreational football in Glasgow, visit – 

Instagram – @bscwomensrec5s
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