Legal Matters – Festive Fun Facts?

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By Paul Neilly

Some (not so fun!) facts about the Festive Period, courtesy of a recent survey by the National Accident Helpline  (12 hazards of Christmas | National Accident Helpline (

Unfortunately, you are far more likely during this period to:

  • suffer a gas leak or gas emergency in the home;
  • have a fire in the home;
  • fall off a stool or ladder;
  • suffer burns (chestnuts roasting on an open fire?!)
  • be injured whilst shopping; or 
  • be injured whilst driving (the Highway Code states you must keep all your windows and lights clear of ice and snow and your number plates must be clearly visible and legible).  

And, more bad news…  

  • 27% of people feel more stressed than usual during the festive period;  
  • 13% of women and 6% of men feel the pressure when cooking and hosting;
  • nearly half of those preparing Christmas food have suffered an accident;
  • 2.7% have suffered an electric shock from Christmas lights (between 1997 and 2010, 26 people died in the UK from watering their Christmas tree with the lights on); 
  • 2.1% have fallen out of the loft while getting decorations down;
  • every year about 1,000 people nationwide are injured by their Christmas tree, usually while fixing decorations to the higher branches;
  • according to the NHS, more than 80,000 people a year nationwide need hospital treatment for injuries during the festive period; and
  • 26% of online scams happen over the Christmas period. 

If the above makes it sound as though Christmas is simply not worth the risk, here’s some survival tips too: 

  • don’t try to do it all;
  • manage your own and other’s expectations; 
  • rehydrate;
  • sleep; 
  • get/stay active;
  • plan ahead;
  • if going away, leave some heating on to prevent the pipes freezing;
  • don’t leave lights and/or candles unattended; and
  • don’t overreach (that one works on several levels). 
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