I have a feeling of deja vu.

Here we are, back again after the break in 2020 (we finally managed a Winter 2020 edition) and the latest lockdown of 2021.

Personally, my time has been well spent in anxiety baking, eating my own body weight in anxiety baking, and looking after my mental health. Luckily for my soaring weight this means I am now walking 10K at a time, redoing Couch to 5K, wild swimming, online yoga, and now restrictions allow, badminton – with ACTUAL people.

Workwise Westender has not stood still. We now have a dynamic social media team getting the word out about our fabulous West End. Unfortunately, the team also find my lockdown antics amusing and have convinced me to run a ‘Suzanne Tries Wild Swimming etc…’ series. At some point this will involve actual video of my wobbly backside in neoprene – you have been warned.

You are also currently reading this on our newly revamped website! Should, heaven forbid, anything like lockdown ever happen again Westender will be far better placed to operate online and keep speaking to our readers.

Our plan is to regularly update you with fresh new articles, whilst providing space for local businesses to ‘shout out’ about what they’re up to. It aims to be a great asset for the West End and is only the beginning – we have many more ideas!

So, if you aren’t already following us on Instagram, Facebook and twitter, do so now and we’ll keep you abreast of all that’s going on in your backyard, and ours.


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