Gaining back family time with Simply Simon

Nutritional content? Tasty food? Everyone around the table? What are your priorities at family meal time? Simon Partridge launched Simply Simon born from a passion for great-tasting and nutritious food delivered to hard-working West End homes so he’s doing the graft not you!

Simply Simon chef

‘Simply Simon is based around health and wellbeing,’ says Simon. ‘We prepare restaurant-quality meals and deliver them as meal prep. We have a number of services including catering for dinner parties (normally in person but we are doing virtual events in the current situation), cooking classes, and weekly meal plans,’ Simon explains. ‘One of my meal plan clients told me that they are “paying me to give them family time!”  I thought that really summed it up perfectly.’

Head chef at The Bothy West End before moving to Arta and The Corinthian, it was as Executive chef at Menzies hotel Simon’s interest in the nutritional content of food was roused. Asked to provide vast quantities of healthy grub to visiting major rugby clubs set to play the Glasgow Warriors, Simon was presented with a menu to prepare. ‘While the food delivered all of the required nutrients it didn’t hit the spot on flavours,’ says Simon. ‘I met with the then head of Nutrition for SRU and got talking as to how we could change that and make it more of a dining experience and not just fuel for athletes. This was the seed that helped me grow my idea in to what Simply Simon is now.

‘In the current climate people are concerned about eating out and we can help with that. Just because people are anxious about dining out, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. We can draw up tailored menus for people that suit their tastes, deliver their chosen meals as meal prep to each member of their group and they can then simply reheat their food and dial in via whatever media they use to have a great evening with friends.’

From weekly meal plans delivered straight to your fridge to hosting intimate virtual dinner parties, Simply Simon caters for all.

Find out how Simply Simon can buy you back some family time by visiting

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