Neuro Active Exercise and Parkinsons Disease

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Parkinson’s Disease: Exciting News – Even more opportunity to get Neuro Active the right way with PD!

physiotherapy for Parkinson's disease

Hi again folks, we have had a terrific summer in our PD Warrior exercise class and have had a great chance to welcome new people into my PD Specialist practice. 

The people coming to the class are telling us how much more they get out of it compared to trying to do it themselves, or watching and following along to pre-recorded videos, and they love the fact that there is a PD Specialist physio there to help them get more out of their session!

It’s been fabulous to see how well people are coming on with the regular support and our ‘carrot and stick’ approach to helping you keep neuro active with PD. We are also live streaming our class to our motivated clients across Scotland and even further afield! 

That’s not even the best bit!!!

We are now starting a PD Warrior Class on a Friday morning at 9.15 am in the Milngavie Scout Hall

Giving you the chance to get active the right way and set you up for your weekend, giving you the boost you need to keep doing what you value and enjoy.

You are absolutely right, you can now come along on a Tuesday AND a Friday, giving you a great way to keep motivated and engaged in the right exercises for your PD. 

These classes are open to anyone living with Parkinson’s Disease, not just clients of my practice. If you want to find out more about coming along to either our Friday or Tuesday classes then Call Now on 0141 530 2092 or emails us at

Keeping active the right way for your PD is so vitally important to your life with PD and our classes are a great way to help you do just that. Call now on 0141 530 2092, go on, take the first step to getting neuro active.

See you at the class!!!


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0141 530 2092


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