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West End Glasgow Estate Agents property advice Walker Wylie estate agents

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West End Glasgow Estate Agents property advice Walker Wylie estate agents

Autumn in Glasgow’s West End

As we head into Autumn, Glasgow’s West End property market is bustling.  As is typical for this time of year we are seeing many new sellers putting their houses on the market as life settles back into a routine after summer.  We expect this busy period to continue up until the Christmas break, as lowering inflation has a positive impact on interest rates, both buyer and seller confidence is high, and the market is moving well.

Don’t believe everything you read

Read the headlines and you would be forgiven for thinking the property market is non-stop doom and gloom.  It is well known negative headlines sell and this couldn’t be more pertinent than when it comes to the property market at the moment.  Yes, times are more challenging than they have been in the past.  But the scaremongering and over exaggeration some media are using to create sensationalist stories is not giving an accurate picture of the housing market just now.

The West End difference 

Particularly in the West End, we are, and have always been, in the privileged position of having a buoyant market that can absorb the inevitable ups and downs of the economic climate well.  We don’t take the worst of the knock-on effects of rising or fluctuating interest rates, and sales tend to stay strong throughout difficult times.

We have been selling homes in the West End of Glasgow for over 20 years, through the dramatic ups and downs of the last two decades, and as a result couldn’t be in a better position to guide you through your home selling journey today.  We offer a bespoke service to each client as we understand everyone’s circumstances and priorities are unique to them.  

If you are considering selling your home, get in touch.  We can give you an up to the minute overview of the West End market right now, as well as a free no obligation valuation should you wish to take the next step towards making your home journey dreams come true.

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