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With her sister the proud owner of not one, but two, Wee Kitchen Shop Shaker kitchens – when it came time for Jenny and husband Ian to update theirs, there really was no question who would design and fit it. 

‘There’s no better compliment than a word of mouth referral,’ says Greg. ‘Ok. Maybe apart from someone moving and asking you to also design their next kitchen.’ Fitted with custom painted solid wood Shaker cupboards and doors with antique brass handles, veined Quartz worktops and a lacquered oak mantel above the range, the overall impression as you enter the space is of top quality craftsmanship.

‘Greg really listens to you,’ explains Jenny. ‘We took away a peninsular line of units that split the space in two and inserted an island. However, Greg suggested we super-sized the island and we are so glad we also listened to him. Greg has practical knowledge of working on many kitchens that we just don’t and where he thought he could make improvements or tweak ideas he suggested them to us and talked us through the practicalities. 

‘Greg explained that extra cupboard space would always be worth it and that where we could substitute cupboards for deep drawers, we should. Now instead of getting on to hands and knees to peer into the backs of cupboards, we simpy pull out the drawer and look down – it’s all there on display for us.’   

Another of Greg’s suggestions was stand alone furniture in the shape of a separate food and plate larder. The deeper fridge freezer was moved out of the sightline from hall to garden, and the much slimmer plate larder inserted. ‘This is now one of my favourite aspects,’ says Ian. ‘That view right out into the garden really brings the indoor and outdoor spaces together. We are never out of here now.’

Call Greg on 0141 334 4747 for an appointment to discuss your new Wee Kitchen Shop kitchen.      

The WEE Kitchen Shop
304 Crow Road, Broomhill G11 7HS
0141 334 4747

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