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But this is one fire you won’t want to put out. Step inside Damn Hot, a Yoga and Hot Pilates studio on the Hidden Lane in Glasgow’s West End and unleash an inferno of energy, strength, stillness and self-care.

hot yoga glasgow

By Diana Kiernander

My teenage daughter, a diehard party girl, has announced she wants us to start going to yoga together. I’m impressed, since she usually only speaks to me when she wants money for festival tickets or to buy more clothes from Pretty Little Thing. But yoga, it seems, is something she wants us to do together.
More than 5000 years since yoga reportedly took root in the East, the practice is bigger than ever. A look around the West End and you’re spoilt for choice: There’s Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Hatha and Yin styles to name a few.

A Warm Welcome…

So, in the interests of mother/daughter bonding, I popped into the Damn Hot (I love the name!) studio on the Hidden Lane in Finnieston to discover more about what yoga can do for you.
And my first impression was definite intrigue. I meet some of the students just finishing their class and later, their teacher too. I’m struck by how they all speak so warmly, and genuinely, about what coming here means to them and how strongly they value the bonds of friendship they have formed.

Since I’m actually quite a bit of an introverted, remote, writer-y type, I don’t normally give this kind of ‘community’, or ‘friends’ thing much head space but suddenly this feels like something I should explore. I’m glad my interest is piqued, when a chat later with teacher Harmesh Ram, reveals a lot about hot yoga and the benefits it brings.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot…

Like burning calories, improving lung capacity and circulation, reducing stress and, my favourite one (since I have wonky immunity) is that it can strengthen your immune system. It is a full body workout, but with a variety of posture poses taught, a practice where you can be guided by your own body, adopting the safest, most protective pose. The heat, which can be intense but never overpowering, helps in lots of ways too. It means you can get all bendy, stretch further and flush those toxins out. 

Set up in 2019, founders Sherand Esser and Harmesh Ram, have created a space in the world of hot yoga and hot Pilates that serves up an exhilarating programme of in-person and online classes to centre your body and free up your mind.
There’s a really cool dance school vibe about the place, with full length mirrors, yoga mats and speaker pods creating a boutique energy that sparkles. All that heat seems to sprinkle a promise of improved mental and physical wellbeing and I really can’t wait for our first class!.
Of all the things I’ve learnt about yoga whilst researching this piece, it’s probably this: Be More Yoga. It will do your body, your mind and your relationship with your children (or any other significant people in your life) the world of good. And that’s got to be the best way to go into 2023.

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