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Brunch Spots

Reviewed by Amy Glasgow @theglasgowdiet

We’re extremely lucky in Glasgow that in the West End alone, there are so many incredible eateries to choose from. So much so that actually choosing where to dine can be quite overwhelming. Which brunch spots are good? Which ones will let you down? I’m here to help!

Each month, I’ll bring you my top five spots for a specific category or type of cuisine, and we’re kicking things off with the ideal list to kick-start your weekend: brunch. Whether you want to cure a hangover or enjoy a leisurely breakfast, here are my top picks for brunch in the West End.


This has become a favourite of mine in the last few years, with its all-day breakfast menu and equally as impressive evening menu. What I love about Partick Duck Club is, while it has all the classics like eggs benedict, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, and a good old fry up to fall back on, it also provides some more unique options, that I highly recommend you try.

If you want something meaty and substantial, I’d go for the 24 hour beef shin and duck egg benedict, or for something a bit lighter, their take on Turkish eggs with dill and mint, numbing oil and sourdough is the perfect choice. My personal favourite though would have to be the avocado on sourdough with orkney crab, duck egg and crème fraîche.


I’ve been a fan of Kaf for a long time, and for good reason. Whether you just want to pick up a loaf of sourdough, a sausage roll, or a sweet pastry, there are freshly made options of the highest quality on offer, as well as delicious coffee.

If you are looking for something a bit more substantial though, it has to be their Bodega sandwich. Kaf’s own English muffin with sausage patty, streaky bacon, egg, fermented chilli ketchup and cheese. Oh, and make sure you add a confit hash brown to go with it. Those things are exceptional.


Anyone who knows me knows that Eusebi Deli holds a special place in my heart. It’s probably my favourite restaurant in all of Glasgow. I love the friendly atmosphere, the fresh, authentic Italian food and their incredible pastries.

If you are a sweet breakfast fan, I strongly suggest you head along to Eusebi’s, grab yourself a seat and a coffee and order a Crema Cornetti. If you aren’t familiar with them, a crema cornetti is a croissant that has been lightly fried and then filled with pastry cream. Believe me when I say they are fantastic. If that’s not your thing though, you can choose from their beautiful new autumn menu, or one of their egg dishes, like the croque signora, with fontal, prosciutto cotto and bechamel, topped with a fried egg.


Since it was taken over by the Cail Bruich team, Epicures has gone from strength to strength, with a strong day and dinner menu. Another spot that is perfect for picking up a fresh pastry, I had one of the best choux buns of my life at Epicures. It was filled with coconut and passionfruit cream and absolutely delicious. The fresh pastries, from croissants to choux buns and eclairs, change daily, so there’s always something new to sample.

Their day menu features some brunch classics, like the Epicures Muffin, with sausage, beef fat hash brown, Comte, egg and brown sauce, or you can go American with good old fried chicken and waffles. There are also plenty of vegetarian options as well, from a veggie cooked breakfast to avocado on toast with feta and mojo verde.


Located on Great Western Road, Urban West has all the brunch classics you could dream of, and much more. It’s especially good if, like me, you prefer a sweet brunch dish, with both American Style Pancakes and Sweet Breakfast Waffles on offer. Each coming with either bacon, blueberries and maple syrup, berry compot and granola, or nutella and fresh strawberries.

Don’t worry if you’re a savoury fan though, you can enjoy a classic Scottish breakfast, avo or eggs on toast, breakfast rolls, and a selection of delicious seeded bagels, if that’s your thing. The chipotle bagel with chicken breast, chipotle mayo, applewood smoked cheddar and rocket is definitely right up my street.

Are your favourite West End brunch spots on the list? Think we’ve missed somewhere? Let us know! Head over to our Instagram page and tell us your thoughts @westendermagazine.



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