Takeaway Tonight?

By Amy Glasgow

With January blues incoming and constant confusion over COVID restrictions, you might be planning to eat out a bit less at the start of 2022. It’s understandable, there’s a new variant kicking around, a lot of people aren’t being as strict as they necessarily used to be, but sometimes, a quality takeaway can brighten up even the gloomiest of January evenings.

With that in mind, I’m pulling together some of my west end favourites to help you narrow down your search. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, Chinese or even Korean, I’ve got you covered!

La Pastina Deli, Hillhead

Sometimes you want something a little lighter for dinner, or maybe you want top quality pasta without having to dine out for it or go to the effort of making it yourself. Enter La Pastina Deli. Located on Byre’s Road, this new Italian hole in the wall is proving very popular with the locals, offering a wide variety of Italian pantry and fresh products.

When you’re in need of a tasty lunch or dinner though, they have a range of to-go options, like their handmade Italian sandwiches. Think of fillings like Italian ham, Mortadella and Provolone cheese, or chicken, n’duja and chilli cheese.

There is also the option of heat at home pasta kits, with beautiful filled and fresh pastas all made by the team in the deli, paired with a selection of sauces like tomato sugo, sage and pine nut butter or n’duja butter.

Essentially, if you’re in the mood for a little at-home Italian feast, I reckon La Pastina Deli is the place to go!

Have I missed somewhere? Head over to @westendermagazine on Instagram and tell us your favourite west end takeaway spots!


Ho’s Chinese, Knightswood

Ever since I first discovered Ho’s Chinese back in 2020, I have been obsessed. It is, in my opinion, one of the best Chinese takeaways in the whole of Glasgow, let alone the west end. This is partly because the husband and wife team behind it are such a joy, and that shows in the care and love they put into their food.

If there is one thing you absolutely must order from Ho’s, it’s their special chow mein with gravy. Before I tried Ho’s, a chow mein is something I would never normally order, but their special chow mein changed my mind. Filled with prawns, char sui, beef, chicken, and topped with egg, it is by far one of the best chow meins I have ever had. Even my husband, who lived in Hong Kong for four years, said this was the best he had tried outside of Hong Kong.

They also have an incredible selection of salt & chilli dishes, from the classic chips or chicken to more unusual and amazing options like jalapeno poppers or mozzarella sticks. If you do one thing this January, get a takeaway from Ho’s Chinese.


takeaways glasgow west end

Paesano Pizza, Kelvinbridge

You can’t go wrong with a Paesano, can you? Their pizzas are famous in Glasgow, not only for their tasty toppings and fluffy crusts, but because of their reasonable prices, with pizzas costing on average around £8.

My go-to is the number 7, with fresh Tuscan fennel sausage on a bed of sugo, mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil. There are also regularly changing specials which always include a meat option, a veggie option and a vegan option, so there’s a pizza for everyone!

One thing I actively encourage you to do next time you order a Paesano to go? Order a side of the fresh ricotta with extra virgin olive oil and oregano – it is perfect for dipping those light and fluffy crusts into.


takeaways glasgow west end

Saffron by Paradise, Kelvinhall

If you’re looking for a bit of a change from the standard pizza or Chinese takeaway, I can’t recommend Saffron by Paradise enough. Located on Great Western Road, their menu focuses on Persian cuisine, varying from small plates to some of the best kebabs and grilled meats this side of Glasgow.

It’s the kind of takeaway that, once you get home, you can turn into a real feast. Start your meal with a selection of dips and naan – I’m a particular fan of their spicy pistachio dip – or order the super moreish sticky, spicy aubergine. Deep fried sticky pomegranate aubergins with spices, sesame seed and spring onions – I swear these things will turn aubergine haters around! I could eat a plateful of them on my own.

From then on, there are so many options to choose from you’ll not know where to start. There are street food classics like lamb or chicken shawarma, koftas and falafels, a massive selection of chicken or lamb kebabs, and a selection of classical Iranian home cooking style dishes. I highly recommend the fesenjoon – a tangy and nutty stew with duck breast, walnut and pomegranate molasses.

Sides wise, you MUST order a portion of their diced potatoes. They can be ordered plain or topped with feta or parmesan and they are heavenly. Super crisp on the outside and beautifully fluffy inside. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them.


takeaways glasgow west end

Dumpling Monkey, Partick

Moving back over to takeaway classics, I love the variety available at Dumpling Monkey on Dumbarton Road, and I love when a Chinese takeaway has good quality dumplings on offer. Given that dumplings are their namesake, it’s no surprise that theirs are top quality. I always go for the special dumplings, filled with pork, prawn and chives, although the char sui buns are also a favourite of mine.

When it comes to the rest of the menu, you’re honestly spoilt for choice. I’ve only managed to try a fraction of the dishes they offer, but the ones I have tried have always been delicious.

If there is one dish though I can encourage you to try, it’s the General Tso’s chicken. It’s not one you often see on British takeaway menus, although I think it’s more popular over in the states, so it’s nice to see Dumpling Monkey include it, and for good reason. It is packed with flavour and, if ordered, will more than likely be demolished in minutes!



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