The Great Western Festival returns for 2021

Great Western Festival

The multivenue music and arts festival returns to Glasgow’s West End! The Great Western Festival is back on Saturday the 13th of November.

They have just added a slew of new talent to the line-up, including SAY-award-winning composer Anna Meredith, Yard Act, Cassandra Jenkins, Nuha Ruby Ra, cellist Ayanna Witter-Johnson, and Part Chimp plus many more.

These all come on top of some of truly incredibly acts such as Tracyanne and Danny (Tracyanne coming from the much-loved indie Camera Obscura), US indie-folk master Willy Mason, Pillow Queens, Bartees Strange, Smoothboi Ezra, Pretty Preachers Club, corto.alto, and a whole lot more.

The Great Western Festival 2021 line-up

Make sure you also head along to the Great Western Festival if you want to see some of the best talent that Glasgow and Scotland at large have to offer. We have always managed to create some amazing bands and artists, and the talent on show at this festival showcases this perfectly.

Some of the local bands you can stop by and see at the Great Western Festival will include Awkward Family Portraits, Ruby Gaines, Lady Neptune, Scarlett Randle, DOSS, Goth GF, chizu nnamdi, KLEO, Pocket Knife and more.

Attendees also won’t want to miss out on the special guest stages. These have been curated by Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai and party institution SHOOT YOUR SHOT. Neither of these stages should be missed, but it might be difficult to make time for them amongst the many fantastic acts in the line-up!

Great Western Festival 2019

Hosted by some of the West End’s best venues!

The Great Western Festival is due to be hosted in some of the best venues across the West End of Glasgow. There are so many iconic venues in this part of the city, and the Great Western Festival will take you to many of the most popular.

Burnbank Bowling Club, The Glue Factory and Maryhill Community Central Halls are all well-known for festivals just like this. This festival will also take place in the stunning Mackintosh Queen’s Cross Church and popular local music venue The Hug & Pint. The latter has been a favoured venue for both local up-and-comers and music lovers.

Great Western Festival 2019

Of course, no music festival in the West End would be complete without showcasing at some of the iconic venues around the University of Glasgow. Both the Glasgow University Union and Queen Margaret Union have hosted some iconic acts over the years. It is only fitting that they are both venues for the Great Western Festival.

Get your tickets now!

The Great Western Festival looks to offer some great chances to check out musical acts across all genres and tastes. Whether you want to indulge in an indie favourite or check out some of the newest emerging talent, you will have no problem finding an act to check out!

Everything kicks off in November. Tickets can be bought at the Great Western Festival website, and cost £19 plus a booking fee. Pick yours up and check out the timetable of events to work out who you want to see!


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