Jacobite Exhibition at the Hunterian

A new exhibition at University of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum highlights the 1745 Rising and Battle of Culloden.

jacobite exhibition hunterian

Opening this June, ‘Chasing the Jacobite Dream’ is a new exhibition at the University of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum.

The exhibition will highlight the vast collection of historical medals from the Jacobite uprising associated with Bonny Prince Charlie, Charles Edward Stuart.

The Jacobites, supporters of Charles are now such legendary figures, in history, in mythology, even in media. As it happens the ‘Outlander’ Conference, discussing the TV series, takes place at the University in July.

The exhibition will showcase how medals were used as key weapons in the lengthy propaganda war. Where the British crown used their medals a sign of royal authority, Jacobite medals were symbols of a loyalty and faithful following of Stuart and the dream of him regaining the throne.

In the exhibition, visitors will see actual medals worn by soldiers during the 1745 uprising, rare medals depicting the young pretender and even a medal worn simply as decorative jewellery.

In addition there will be a collection of other artefacts from the era. These give an insight into this legendary period in Scottish history.

Chasing the Jacobite Dream , the Jacobite Exhibition at the Hunterian, Glasgow University till 5th November.
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