An Odyssey of Chaos

Artist Lewis Deeney launches his first solo Glasgow Show

With a uniqueness and abstract beauty all of its own, Lewis Deeney’s stunning artwork is instantly recognisable. The Dumbarton based artist’s distinctive style has seen him build an accomplished portfolio for one so early in a career. An Odyssey of Chaos is Lewis’s first solo show in Glasgow and sees the artist bring a retrospective collection to the audience of these first 4 years.

From his native Dumbarton, Lewis moved to Dundee to study Contemporary Art. He graduated with first class honours in 2020, not to mention winning several awards from his degree show work. Following a further year of study to cement his qualifications with a Masters in Art and Humanities, Lewis launched his solo career. He has garnered praise from both private and public collectors across the UK and Europe and has been shortlisted this year for the Chaiya Art and Spirituality Award.

An Odyssey of Chaos includes new work from Lewis not as yet exhibited. The geometric forms used in his paintings, structured, ordered are in stark contrast to the iridescent, warming glow of the colours and textured used. It’s easy to see why Lewis’s body of work has been award winning. And he isn’t about to sit on his laurels – or should that be palette? He has yet again set his sights on success this summer, representing Scotland at the Inteceltique Festival in France. He plans to showcase his Celtic-inspired paintings at the Festival, but not before we Glaswegians can view them in his solo show.
Lewis Deeney is most certainly an artist with great things to come.

An Odyssey of Chaos opened at Glasgow Art Club on Friday 2nd June .

Instagram – @LEWISDEENEY
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