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I want a job where the focus is on getting better.  That’s why at Western Lettings we’re dedicated to lettings.  No sales, sourcing, investment, factoring, or property development.

Lettings is a complex service to deliver.  That’s a big part of why the sector has such a bad reputation.  Pair this with lots of companies competing on price for clients who often don’t appreciate how bad it can be when their chosen agent does not have good systems and processes in place.

To my mind it’s more rewarding to invest in getting better than on marketing to new customers.  At some point it makes sense.  If you have thousands of happy customers, improving service will bring more opportunities than expensive marketing campaigns.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, think back to the slick advertising of Purplebricks.  For a time, it brought them the largest market share of any estate agent in the UK.  They disrupted the market, lost a fortune for their investors, then sold the business for £1.  And they were primarily selling houses, which is nowhere near as complex as lettings.

There may be some truth in the adage ‘your network is your net worth’, but does it make it right for the buyer?  You may know them, like them and trust them, but do they have the capability and the will to deliver.

At Western Lettings, we focus on improving.  Daily discussions centre on training, systems and technology.  At all times clients have our guarantee: 

  • If we mess up, we mop up.
  • If we don’t answer your call, we will return your fees.
  • If we don’t answer your email on the same day, we will return your fees.

If you have a property to let, give us a call.  Test out that guarantee.

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