International Network of Street Papers

International network of street papers

The INSP (International Network of Street Papers), a critical Independent News platform is under threat.

The International Network of Street Papers (INSP) is under threat from rising costs, misinformation and the monopolising of media by global companies, according to their web site.

So much so that the news service are concerned for the plight of those suffering from poverty and homelessness. At the heart of the association is the drive to enable street papers to go to print every week, enabling thousands of vendors to earn an income. In order to publish the papers, content, editing, and translation of news articles is needed along with publishing and distribution costs.

Along with the rising costs to produce the papers, poverty and homelessness continues to rise. Which is why the stories behind those in situations of adversity are even more crucial. World Press Freedom Day is fast approaching, and the non-profit organisation is asking for your help and donations to keep street paper journalism independent and tackling these issues.

To find out more about the organisation and street papers visit –
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