Your Beach Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

By Elena McTaggart @the_closet_stylist

Have you ever thought “WHY OH WHY did I think I needed 14 black vest tops and 25 evening “looks” for a week in Ibiza?? When will I ever learn?” Have you ever done that thing where you go on holiday, come back and realise you only wore a fraction of what you had squished into your bulging case? Have you ever been charged an “over allowance fee” at the airport?

Well no more! As summer approaches and we dust off our clever carry-on sized luggage let me share some tips, usually reserved for my clients, on how to avoid that overstuffed, over-crushed case of the panic stricken overpacker.

Your 14 Piece Capsule Wardrobe


Ok, ok I hear you, if your going for longer than seven nights a ten piece capsule might be a tad aggressive however you can travel comfortably for a week or less with ten to twelve items, plus accessories. For longer holidays try a twenty piece capsule, if you have access to laundry facilities do you really need all those extra items just-in-case?


Lay everything you would like to take out on your bed, look at the colours together, is there anything that immediately jars with the majority? Start to remove those items that require a certain bag, a certain shoe etc. really if it only goes with one thing, does it deserve to take up suitcase space? Add in pops of colours for interest but try to keep them within a palette that works together, ideally everything your taking should go with everything else.


Bring accessories which don’t take up too much space, belts, shoes and a small bag for evening and of course jewellery. Accessorising a look is the fastest and simplest way to really change it up and make it look way more pulled together without really carrying too much in your carry on.


A very clever a make-up counter lady once told me adding red lipstick can lift any mood, and she was right. I would add that it can also lift any outfit. A pop of colour on the eyes or lips can really make you feel different in the most basic outfit. When I am feeling particularly old, tired  and wrinkly or I just want to feel that little bit more pulled together, I always add red lipstick.


So here we are, I have pulled together a ten piece capsule, plus shoes and bags and shown you seven day looks and seven night looks. This type of minimal packing is really fun, it  challenges you to be more creative with what you have, creating looks you might not have tried before.

Enjoy, and by all means if you have any questions, just get in touch!


  1. H&M Red Drawstring Dress – £29.99
  2. COS Slim Fit Pleated Vest – £55
  3. COS Pleated Skirt – £79
  4. & Other Stories Linen Wrap Dress – £90
  5. & Other Stories Oversized Linen Shirt  – £65
  6. & Other Stories Belted High Waisted Trousers – £75
  7. Arket Denim Shorts – £45
  8. COS Red Swimsuit – £49
  9. Arket One Shoulder Swimsuit – £50
  10. Arket White Linen Shorts – £35
  11. H&M Leather Quilted Sliders – £49.99
  12. Orange Square Toe Sandal – £35
  13. Warehouse Oversized Straw Bag – £55.20 (on sale)
  14. Accessorize Suedette Soft Pleat Clutch – £30
Look 1
Look 2
Look 3
Look 4
Look 5
Look 6
Look 7
Look 8
Look 9
Look 10
Look 11
Look 12
Look 13

Look 14

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