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A Love Letter to Glasgow’s West End
Student Life in Glasgow…
Hi there, I’m Eva Curran. I moved to the West End two years ago and instantly fell in love with its charm and warmth. I was drawn to the diverse community, with its array of unique characters and exciting opportunities. As a student navigating new surroundings, I felt welcomed wherever I went. Whether that was chatting with a stranger over the new edition of Westender, or hearing stories about the antique pieces hidden within the Ruthven Mews Arcade, the West End quickly became home. In this column, I’ll be sharing my love and knowledge of the West End with other students. From quirky vintage shops, to bustling bars, hidden gems waiting to be uncovered, and cosy study spots, this will be a students guide to being a Westender

Just outside of the city centre, Glasgow’s West End has quietly established itself as a hotspot for students. It’s endearing cafes and trendy bars have an invisible pull, drawing students in from every corner of the city. It’s no wonder that young people are flocking towards its vibrant atmosphere – for a guaranteed good night out. But if you look closer, it’s evident that Glasgow’s student population has been welcomed with open arms by locals, bursting to share their home with wide-eyed students. 

Everywhere you look – culture is jumping out at you. And a lot of it is extremely accessible. Especially on a student’s budget! During breaks from lectures, students can head over to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery to enjoy their daily organ recital. In the evenings, they can check out the latest art on display at The Alchemy Experiment. Not for you? No worries – you are almost guaranteed to find a trad band hidden in the snug corner of a bar any day of the week. Theatres, art galleries, music venues, clubs, cinemas, the list of things to do is endless. And there is always a friendly face helping to make younger audiences feel welcome. 

For many international students, the West End quickly becomes a second home. The impact and importance of the local’s friendliness cannot be understated. It fosters a strong sense of belonging that makes all the difference while studying away from friends and family. And that’s what separates Glasgow’s West End from the rest. It’s a place where locals are not only happy, but proud to warmly welcome students. 

If you haven’t already guessed, I could go on forever about how much I love the West End. Which I will most likely do within this column. I look forward to sharing my admiration and advice of Glasgow’s West End, from what bar has the best pub quiz on weekday, to where you can find the best iced oat latte. I hope you find it helpful and makes you feel more at home – from one student to another. 

Glasgow University Union

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