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Thinking Warm Thoughts

Cosy home furnishing ideas to get you through the Winter months.

Luxury Mohair Throws
£180 each, Cassiopeia

Firing up the boiler less is great for our pockets and the environment. However, we still need to ‘feel’ warm. Start by truly engaging your senses:  with warm throws casually draped over deep velvet sofas; deep cushions to sink into that also engage the eye with their rich colours; tactile hot water bottles you can drape over two, and lights and candles to gladden the eye and engage the heart. Self care is important this winter, like never before. 

Amble Large Corner Sofa
£3299.99 in sale/£4399 after sale price, Forrest Furnishing

WarmiesR Long Hot Water Bottle
£25.99, Spirito

For more cosy home furnishing ideas for winter visit our stockists below.


Bluebellgray, 162 Hyndland Road. 0141 221 0724,
Cassiopeia165 Hyndland Road, 0141 357 7374,
Forrest Furnishing, 1175 South Street, 0141 300 7400,
Spirito317-319 Crow Road, 0141 337 3307,
The Nancy Smillie Shop, 53 Cresswell Lane, 0141 334 4240,

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