Eddi Reader at the Royal Concert Hall

One of Scotland’s greatest ever vocalists brings her tour to Glasgow this April
Eddi Reader Glasgow 2024 Image:©Sean Burser
Image:©Sean Burser

Eddi Reader. Surely one of the most iconic singers of the last 40 years. That can’t be right.
40 years?

But those of us of a certain age have grown up with this wonderful singer. From her days back in Fairground Attraction, this critically acclaimed performer was as recognisable then as now. As well as the frontman to the group, she was a style icon. I can see my outfit now – round tortoiseshell glasses, a hiked-up layered skirt, black leggings and of course, Doc Martens. Mine’s were cherry red. Oh and my dad’s oversized coat.

I remember every detail because such was her impact on the music scene, we all wanted to emanate her. That voice! ‘Find My Love” is still one of my very favourite songs and ‘The First of a Million Kisses’ one of the first vinyl’s I bought with my student bursary. Remember them?

So while I sit reminiscing on 80’s nostalgia it is indeed then 40 years since Eddi Reader made such an impact. That’s enough time for the singer’s career to notch up 10 acclaimed solo albums. Such is Eddi’s ability to sing across so many genres, we all know if she sang the phone book, it would touch us. Eddi Reader has grown her world wide fan base over the years BECAUSE of her ability to connect with us. Her emotional renditions of Burns songs gets me every time. I challenge the deepest cynic to listen to ‘My Love is Like a Red Red Rose’ without ending up in a heap of snotty tears. Then there’s pop vocals, ballads, classical, soul. In 2023, Eddi appeared as a special guest with Jools Holland’s Rhythm and Blues Orchestra for their huge UK tour, before the sell out performance at Celtic Connections in January.

It’s a long way from her start as a backing vocalist for the Eurythmics. As well as her musical recognition, the singer has received four honorary degrees and an MBE. Yet here we are and Eddi is still thrilled to be playing back in her home city this April. Eddi says ‘I’m delighted to be bringing my 2024 tour to Glasgow audiences this April. Each time I perform in this town, it feels like a special reunion where I can connect with the people who have supported me throughout my musical journey. I’ve been lucky enough to be in the music industry for over four decades, but each tour still brings excitement and something new. I’m looking forward to getting on the road this spring and visiting the Royal Concert Hall to connect with listeners of my music, both old and new.’

Eddi is delighted to be back in Glasgow. Rest assured, Glasgow is even more delighted to have her back. There’s a reason her first hit was called ‘Perfect’.

Eddi Reader
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Sunday 28th April 2024
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