Comic Author Launches Four-Part Thriller

Award-winning comic author Gary Chudleigh, launches his ‘passion project’ on Kickstarter this April.
Gary Chudleigh new serial comic

Gary Chudleigh new serial comic, Every Last One

Gary Chudleigh, an award-winning comic writer has written for LEGO Ninjago, Marvel, Jurassic World, comic legends. Now the author is excited to bring a project of his own to The Kickstarter website.

‘Every Last One’ is a four-part mini series, centring on a serial killer in Glasgow. But this maniac has a very unique trait. He’s supernatural in nature. Eek! Watch out on Buchanan Street. Gary says ‘I grew up in Clydebank and I’ve always wanted to see more stories set in Scotland. The gothic feel of Glasgow lends itself perfectly to horror. There’s a reason they filmed Batman here.’

The comic blends horror and crime genres with dark humour. And though The Kickstarter will launch the first issue, it’s up to public support to see the series through. Gary says ‘This is the chance to be right at the start of something special. I want people to look back in a few years and be proud they supported this project at its humble beginnings.’ Might this four-parter be something that runs and runs?

Well that’s down to the readership. The Kickstarter site allows supporters to invest in the projects, however small their budget is. So print, digital versions of ‘Every Last One’ are available. You could even see yourself drawn into the project. Or there are larger ‘rewards’. Gary explains, ‘We have a limited edition reward: a unique A5 sketch card drawn by the legendary Scottish artist Frank Quitely. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time and it’s an honour to have him involved in the campaign.’

His success with Every Last One however isn’t a one man show, as he points out. ‘I’m so grateful to have such a fantastic team of professionals on board.’ He is talking of course about his amazing team of artists, designers and Editor. ‘Working with them is a joy’ adds Gary. And with his project launching to the public, Gary also has every reason for further celebration. He has recently entered into partnership with Crescent Literacy Agency to create a graphic novel for children.

With Gary hoping ‘Every Last One’ could be ‘the start of Scotland’s version of the X-Files’, Get over to The Kickstarter and begin the hunt for the serial killer. Because the truth is out there…

Gary Chudleigh new serial comic

‘Every Last One’ is available on The Kickstarter website from Tuesday 2nd April. To support the project and learn more on Gary Chudleigh new serial comic, see the links below.
KS video on Youtube
KS landing page
Instagram: @gary_chud_author

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