Get in Shape for Christmas

Autumn’s approaching but we still have memories of the beach. And our beach bodies… but that’s all they are. Memories. It’s time guys…

get in shape for Christmas

I really did put the hours in to NOT be so self loathing in the holiday snaps. And it paid off. But isn’t it incredible how quickly those hours at the gym, the commitment put in, fades in the face of an exquisite holiday breakfast buffet, made to order omelettes and the dreaded danish pastry section ? 5lbs lost and gained in 10 days. And before I know it, that 5lbs could be half a stone.

Three months till Christmas party season starts. Seems ages doesn’t it? But with September weekend and the kids off at October break, before I know it, it could be six weeks to go till the big ho-ho-ho.

But I’m not sweating it, if you’ll pardon the pun.  

The Secret…

You see I have a secret.  I LOVE my gym. I say gym, but it never feels like hard work. For me, the thought of pounding the running machine again? I actually look forward to it. And weight training? I have the luxury of using state of the art Precor equipment.     

And after my workout? Well, it’s just like being back on holiday – a relaxing swim followed by a steam room session. Bliss.

What’s your secret you might ask? Well, If I said to you leisure, swimming pool, spa, executive lounge; If I said Hilton, what comes to mind? It’s back on holiday, right? You’d be wrong. It’s not only my secret, it’s Anderson’s best kept secret too…

Fitness Reimagined…

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