Glasgow Film Festival Turns 20

Can you believe that The Glasgow Film Festival has had 20 outings? And that the Glasgow Film Theatre, (or the GFT as it is affectionately known) turns 50 this year? Take your seats Westenders as we dive into the pick ‘n mix that is The Glasgow Film Festival 2024.

From humble beginnings in 2005 with only 6,000 attendees to a colossal 43,000 visitors in 2020, it’s fair to say the Glasgow Film Festival has gone from strength to strength. Now one of the top three UK film festivals, at its heart has always been a commitment to international film. In addition, the promotion of home grown Scottish film production is paramount.

With a programme that’s undoubtedly eclectic, award winning foreign films are placed on the same bills as tiny Scottish productions and classic 50s film noir. And that is down to the organisers absolute devotion to film in its many, many different forms.

Screams on Screen

This year, there are several strings to the festival’s bow. From the 7th-9th March, you may not wish to venture out after dark as FrightFest will rise from the underworld of Cinema. ‘The Dark Heart of Cinema’ returns with the horror genre taking central stage. For horror fanatics there are several UK and World premieres including the tense Australian thriller ‘You’ll Never Find Me’, eerie folk horror ‘All You Need is Death’ and the deliciously sinister world premier of psychological horror ‘Mom’. Have a look at the entire programme here.

The Audience Award this year has eight worthy contenders. From deadpan comedy Martinez to Aylin Tezel’s beautifully filmed Falling Into Place set in the stunning backdrop of Skye in winter, eclectic the nominees certainly are. With MUBI sponsoring this years audience award, there’s a prize for one lucky cinema goer too. Whoever finds a golden ticket during one of the screenings will win a year-long MUBI GO subscription, including a cinema ticket every week to see a film selected by MUBI’s curators, and access to incredible cinema to stream on MUBI, as well as a coveted merch bundle. Get out of the way guys, this is one for me!

There are a few ‘mini’ themes such as Czech Please! showcasing the very best of Cinema coming out of the Czech Republic and Love is Sweet Oh! a specially curated programme reflecting the nature of people of colour falling in love.

Happy Birthday GFT!

The GFT has turned 50, starting its life as the Cosmo cinema. Opening in 1939, it became the Glasgow Film Theatre in 1974.  Glasgow Film Theatre is Scotland’s most popular independent Cinema and to mark this milestone the film festival has some pretty special events organised.  Well, the Cinema is the beating heart of the Glasgow Film Festival, so it’s only right.  And in a nod to The Story So Far, is the ever popular programme of retrospective classic screenings. This year the programme brings you the glorious James Stewart in Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Lawrence Olivier in Wuthering Heights and Marlon Brando in possibly the greatest sequel of all time, The Godfather Part II. For full details of the birthday retrospective screenings press here

And of course as well as actual film screenings, the festival has a whole host of interactive sessions. For the first time the GFF After Hours gives cinema goers a place to get together for some post cinema shenanigans. The Glee Club, five minutes from the GFT will host karaoke, film quizes, DJ sessions and so much more. There are several films with Q and A sessions, always popular with Festival attendees. And with opening and closing Galas, this year the organisers really have pulled the stops out to mark the GFT’s big birthday.

For everything you need to know about the Festival click the link below. Popcorn at the ready, and enjoy!

The Glasgow Film Festival
28th Feb – 10th March

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