West End Live

by Greg Kane

Glasgow gigs in August


Del Amitri

Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd August 6:30pm

Kelvingrove Bandstand.

But oh, those Summer Nights … … are back at our beloved Kelvingrove bandstand and it doesn’t get anymore West End than acclaimed local singer/songwriter Justin Currie fronting his pop rock outfit Del Amitri in The KG. So popular has this gig become that they’ve been invited to play two nights at this beautifully refurbished West End land mark. Del Amitri are a 5 piece band from Glasgow who formed in the early 80’s and throughout their 40 year career have released 7 albums selling over 6 million records worldwide. Their music is cleverly crafted guitar driven alt pop rock, but it’s Currie’s instantly recognisable and unique voice that sets them apart from the many others plying this trade … he really can sell a lyric like no other.

Choice Track: Del Amitri – “All Hail Blind Love”

Ethel Cain

Thursday 29th August 7pm.

Galvanizers, SWG3

Hayden Anhedönia is a 24-year-old Floridian musician behind the persona of Ethel Cain.

The fictional character Ethel Cain is a preacher’s wife from the Deep South who lives in an aesthetic universe full of wooden crucifixes, empty liquor bottles, hazy sepia photographs, one-room schoolhouses, and paintings of Jesus. At the end of the 2022 album, Preacher’s Daughter, she dies brutally at the hands of a psychopathic cannibal. Jeez, I guess there’s not many love songs in her set then. Her streaming numbers are stratospheric and she is one of Gen Z’s most defining artists. She bucks the trend of very short songs too with hers often well over 6mins long! She also self-tattoos, her head adorned with a Hebrew crown, the word “Please” emblazoned across her throat and multiple crosses creeping up her left arm! She is committed to her art then and it really makes her appear very unique. The music is involved, dark and demanding, but that has not deterred the millions of global fans who have committed to what she does.

Choice Track: Ethel Cain – “American Teenager”

Megan Moroney

Wednesday 30th August 7pm.

Òran Mór

Megan Moroney is a very modern success story in the making. This 25 year old singer/songwriter from Savannah, Georgia was already a popular influencer on social media platforms before she ever posted herself singing, with the money she made from her recommendations paying for her way through college. Coached and encouraged by her father and brother (both guitarists) she spent a lot of time honing her songwriting chops. Then she posted an early version of her huge hit “Tennessee Orange” on Tic Tok in 2022, which coincided with the start of the NFL season (The theme of the song is built around team rivalries). Pretty smart marketing you think, must be a top marketing team behind her … but no, it’s all home grown. She’s just lucky then you may think … but no, she switched courses at college from Accountancy to Music Business and Marketing and graduated with distinction. It’s her that’s making the choices!

She’s just at the beginning of her musical journey, but don’t be surprised if she eclipses all of her country idles’ successes as she is also blessed with one of the most distinctive country voices I’ve heard in ages!

Choice Track: Megan Moroney – “Tennessee Orange”

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