Glasgow Sea Shanty Festival

There, once was a ship that put to sea and the name of the ship was the Tall Ship Glenlee…
Yes, the Wellerman sea shanty not only got us through lock down but got us appreciating all things Davey Jones. And so Glasgow is extremely excited to welcome back the Glasgow Sea Shanty Festival.

The Keelers

On Saturday the 2nd of September, The Glasgow Sea Shanty Festival returns to the Tall Ship Glenlee. This celebration of the beautiful briny sea will indeed have us bobbing along as toe tapping songs are played on Glasgow’s famous Tall Ship.

Headline acts the Keelers and LocTup Together will appear with local group Muldoon’s picnic. With the crowd pleasing shanties waxing lyrically across the Clyde, other entertainment will include face-painting for our junior seafarers. Our little deckhands can also enjoy Song of the Sea shadow puppetry. With story teller Jan Bee Brown reciting adventures of the high seas, our little ones will want to get front stools in the Captain’s Cabin.

Alan Jones

Jim Mageean of The Keelers will also retell the history of shanties and their use on the majestic sailing ships of our past. With Muldoon’s picnic also teaching us a shanty or two, the festival is guaranteed to be a fantastic day.

For a fun day on the Clyde, visit the Sea Shanty Festival website –

Glasgow Sea Shanty Festival 2023 for the full programme.
Tickets for the day are available from

So no excuses ye landlubber! All hands on deck!

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