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Reviewed by Amy Glasgow @theglasgowdiet

Indian Street Food in Glasgow taking your fancy? Read on…

indian street food glasgow

I know that small plate restaurants get a bad rap, that the classic spiel given by the staff about how the menu works and how many dishes to order per person has gotten a bit old, but I’m afraid I have to say, I’m team small plates.

Why would I limit myself to trying just one dish, when I can share a whole host of them with the table? Especially when it comes to curry and Indian street food. Who wouldn’t want to try multiple curries?! Which is why I was so excited to visit Rickshaw and Co on Partick Bridge Street, who specialise in street food inspired by India and Bangladesh.

The whole restaurant has a great vibe as well, with colourful decor, tuk tuk-inspired tables and a warmth that radiates throughout the space. The menu covers a whole host of dishes, from Road Side Plates, Tandoor Express and Dhaba Special Curries. Between three of us, we decided to order six dishes along with some garlic naans, because what Indian meal is complete without garlic naan?!

One of the top hitters of the meal for me was the Chatpata Chicken curry, cooked in chilli and garlic pickle. The curry had a gentle heat, a rich, thick sauce and tender chicken. I was less fussed on the Butter Chicken, which, on the scale of those I’ve tried in Glasgow, was on the sweeter side, which doesn’t really do it for me.

However, I highly recommend ordering at least one of their Dum Biryanis. In fact, we were told they were so good that we ordered both the lamb and the chicken, which came served with raita and were very quickly devoured.

Indian street food Glasgow

The real highlight for me though were the Tandoori Jumbo Prawns. Bangladeshi coastal king prawns marinated in Rickshaw and Co’s signature blend of spices and Kashmiri chilli. These prawns were massive, meaty and charred to perfection. I could have eaten a plateful of these by myself; if you are a seafood fan, I highly recommend ordering them, you will not regret it!

With such a wide, varied menu, there are so many options available at a really reasonable price. I can’t wait to go back and sample more of their road side plates.

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