This Is Me

Artist Kalina Slusarska launches stunning new art exhibition at Skypark
Scottish art exhibition

I am fortunate enough to spend a fair amount of my free time wandering the pristine white beaches of the west coast of Scotland. The grey jagged peaks of munros in the distance, curious harbour seals popping up now and again to see what’s afoot, sea eagles elegantly circling overhead. It is, quite literally, paradise.

The Beauty of Nature

It’s easy to see why visitors fall in love with our country. I capture the views of the landscape in my mind. But I always wish I could capture the images in a sketch, in a painting. Someone who falls into both of the aforementioned categories is polish artist Kalina Slusarska. Her exhibition This Is Me inspired by Scotland’s beauty is a love letter to a country she now calls home. Kalina moved to Scotland from her native Poland in 2006. She studying Art & Design and subsequently Graphic Design in Glasgow. Inspired by the beauty of Scotland, she takes inspiration from the Scottish landscape and wildlife. From the mountains, the sea, the wildlife; even the dreich weather!

Speaking about the exhibition Kalina says ‘This Is Me is about enjoying nature’s beautiful colours and tiny details that spark instant happiness.  As a keen hillwalker and traveller, I find my inspiration in new spring growth, sweeping mountainous landscapes or stormy seascapes in Scotland. I hope that the exhibition will encourage  people to find their own moments of happiness in the outdoors too.’

The Emotion of Art

Kalina uses a range of techniques and mediums including watercolours, acrylic and oils. The vibrancy and joy she sees in nature is beautifully captured in her art. And Kalina hopes that her art can evoke a little of the happiness she sees around her in those who view her artwork. She says ‘Art is important because it is an interpretation of life, no piece of art is the same. Is unique, is emotional. Art helps people to voice their identities,  characters and creativity. It also brings enjoyment into their life. It helps me to feel fulfilled and joyful but also proud of myself, especially when I am happy with a finished painting.’

Skypark’s strategic lettings advisor Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital said: ‘As passionate supporters of the Glasgow arts scene, it’s great to welcome Kalina Slusarska to our art gallery, a space that is donated as a platform for new and established artists. The gallery is a fantastic opportunity for artists to  have their work recognised in an alternative space as well as contributing to our vibrant community.’

Scottish art exhibition

For me, there is no more calming sound than the roll of a Scottish wave breaking on shore, no more peaceful caress than a sea breeze on my face. My happy place. Living in our dear green Glasgow though, there are other roads to our happy place than a three hour drive to the highlands. Take a trip along to SkyPark and let Kalina Slusarka transport you. This Is Me is open until 30th August 2024.

‘Happiness is there if you are open to it’ – Kalina Slusarka

This Is Me
Skypark Glasgow
Until August 30th

The exhibition is free and open to the public from 9-5pm
Facebook, instagram @kalinaslusarskaart.

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