Out-SANDing Trek for Charity

When you think of winter sunshine, a four day trek across the Sahara desert isn’t usually what springs to mind…

Jackie and Tracy – How ya dune girls?

But this is the challenge Westender contributor Tracey McCallum is about to face head-on in

This sandy, Saharan adventure is organised by Global Adventure Challenges and it’s raising money
for the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Bellahoustoun Park. The Hospice not only provides
end-of-life care for patients and support for their families but their care extends into surrounding
communities too.

Credit for the initial idea goes to Tracey’s friend and Director of Fundraising at PPWH, Jackie Malloy
but not one to let her friend set off on an adventure alone, Tracey decided to join her.

The gals will fly to Marrakech, followed by an eight hour drive into the desert and will trek for four days
through a challenging, ever-changing landscape, climbing to the top of the Chegaga Dunes to enjoy
the night skies and the spectacular desert sunrise.

Thankfully they’re not being dropped in the desert with only a bottle of water and a compass to find their way back – support is provided by the team from Global Adventures and Berber guides. The days will be hot and the nights cold but these Glasgow girls are more than up for the challenge.

Tracey and Jackie have self-funded their trip so that every penny raised goes directly to the Hospice.
We all know someone who’s benefited from the incredible standard of care a hospice provides and
in these difficult times, services like this are more vital than ever.

If you’d like to support Tracey and Jackie in their adventure but more importantly the Prince and
Princess of Wales Hospice, then every penny is gratefully received.

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