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top tips for a natural home

Top Tips for a Natural Home

top tips for a natural home

When the sun shines it lifts the spirit and gladdens the heart! Bringing that natural decor inside creates a relaxed, inviting and positive space within your home.

I am Anne Marie aka @lock.downhouse on instagram, recently retired and very enthusiastically enjoying all things Homes and Interiors in Glasgow’s West End. As we move from Glasgow’s spring into a hopefully beautiful warm summer we all want to bring sunshine and nature into our homes and  in the West End it’s easier than you might think…

So here are my top tips for how to bring the outside in and have all the well-being benefits of nature within your home and the good news is you can do all of this from shops that are on your doorstep!

First tip, open your curtains, blinds , windows and doors and let the light stream in! Then look at your room with a fresh eye in the summer sunshine and follow these seven steps.

Top Tips for a Natural Home

1. Think about re-arranging furniture to make the most of the summer light. We often re- arrange furniture for a Christmas tree but do we think to re-arrange our rooms for the sunny months? You can give your home a whole new look! 

*Product details below

If you need a furniture refresh look at wooden shelf units that you can accessorise and green or botanical sofas and chairs. Can you put an accent chair into a sunny corner and create a reading nook? Can you arrange an occasional table at a window to display flowers, ornaments or plants? And if you don’t have a well lit space then consider creating  a cosy corner using  plants and flowers with a comfy chair and cushions.

2. Use natural materials – think wood, bamboo, jute, terracotta,  stone and baskets. Whether it’s planters or vases in the bathroom, hall or a bedroom they can make a real impact and you can change them from room to room depending on the light and the season. Choose versatile natural  pieces of furniture that you can use throughout the seasons.   

Natural wood sings of nature and the outside. This  gorgeous stool from Nancy Smillie would not be out of place in a bathroom with a plant, or a sunny bedroom corner with a throw. It’s an amazing piece for so many places in the home.

3. Consider rattan furniture. Very on trend and so natural. This bedroom furniture from Forrest Furnishing will  make any bedroom a relaxing retreat. Team it with any colour palette in your bedroom and beautiful plants and you have an absolute interiors win. 

4. Display some beautiful art. Literally bring the outside in! Whether it’s botanical prints, landscapes or florals, hang a print and transform your room. These landscapes from The Prancing Peacock are tranquil and relaxing. 

So if you don’t have an outside view, create one with these prints, or create a gallery wall with more than one. Sit with a herbal tea (or glass of wine) on your comfiest chair and imagine yourself in that rural landscape. 

*Azure Art Print, The Prancing Peacock

5. Botanical and floral textiles and prints are fresh and timeless. Look at these gorgeous floral duvet covers from Bluebellgray. These duvet sets will single handedly transform any room and give you an absolutely amazing restful sleep too as they are so luxurious  and super comfy.

6. Rugs what can I say. A floral or botanical rug can transform a room. Take your neutral colour scheme and give it a slice of summer in one go. Add some greenery and you have a summer themed room for all year round relaxation. 

7. And never ever forget the power of plants and flowers. Fresh flowers are amazing – I am the biggest fan! But we all have corners of our home where there isn’t much light and plants and flowers would not survive. So look no further than Amber and Black, they are the go-to place in the West End for vases and faux flowers. These flowers are everlasting, can be rearranged, mixed with fresh flowers (yes that works!) and look absolutely amazing. 

The West End has such a plentiful and amazing selection of friendly  local shops. Shop local, enjoy summer and love your home.

*Product Details
Ercol Marino Chair in Fabric C Grade
£1329/£1650 RRP
Forrest Furnishing
1175 South Street

Tetbury Meadow Duvet Set
From £99, Double £145
162 Hyndland Road

Boheme Rattan Bedstead and 2 Drawer Bedside Table
£1399 and £349
Forrest Furnishing
1175 South Street

Azure Art Print
The Prancing Peacock
Unit 47 Anniesland Business Park

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