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No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn’ Hal Borland

Winter Home Lighting Ideas by Lisa Trainer, Red Door Interiors

Punctuating the last months of the year and the natural cycle of seasons, winter brings with it not only the indulgences, luxury, and cheer of Yuletide festivities and all its celebrations but shorter days, colder nights and the anticipation of learning to go about our daily lives with diluted light, subdued colour and our inherent need for warmth and comfort.

When considering lighting in our homes in the darker months of the year, embracing winters natural light and amplifying its beauty and characteristics is one way to adapt and to compliment the synergy of sumptuous surroundings and individual Christmas styling and decor, the same luxurious feel can be achieved when considering how to light a room. At this time of year, electrical lights are vital and used more than any other, and like all interior finishes and materials can be varied and layered to build up the desired atmosphere and mood.

Lighting My Home in Winter
Lighting your home in Winter

As a starting point try to maximise natural light from all windows – keep blinds up and curtains tied back. Try placing mirrors and mirrored panels opposite a window to refract more light. This can make a dramatic difference and immediately a dark, gloomy corner becomes three dimensional, fluid and interesting – an alternative moving visual expression, art.

Lighting has so many approaches it is essential to consider rooms individually and the choice of overhead lighting, uplighting, lamps, wall lights, floor lamps and suspension pendants is endless..not to mention the colour, temperature, energy consumed and quality of the light output. Ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting in its most basic form replicates daylight, sunlight and the illumination we need to function. The application and interaction of these sources with other elements is fundamentally important and the outcome exciting, surprising and literally enlightening!!

Statement glass is unique, creative and authentic and the stunning designs of Curiousa & Curiousa are truly eye catching, skilful and elegant. Colourful, bold and hand blown by artisans and craftspeople who work using centuries old techniques, this collection of custom-made pendants and wall lights has a dreamy visual appeal.

Jewel like in colour and form they can be simply individual shades or designed stacked and clustered as feature chandeliers in any interior. The allure of their captivating shine, sparkle and glisten is a joy and is one way of enveloping a space with intrigue, character and impact.

A wide selection of bulbs are suited to each fitting, even for bathrooms, so they can be versatile and practical too.

To visually compliment this palette of bold and beautiful, Farrow and Ball have recently launched the Carte Blanche capsule collection, a versatile, handcrafted palette of paint and paper bursting with statement shades, neutrals and wallpapers exquisitely fashioned to delight this season. Described as ‘elevated exuberance for your home’ this is a collaboration of minds between creative designer Christopher John Rogers and the technical team to offer as the name suggests, complete freedom to explore and experiment.

There is literally a shade to suit every taste, space and style and to continue the trend of mono rooms and colour drenching, this is the perfect collusion of bolds, plains and patterns to consider the foundation and flourish of your favourite tone across an entire space. The wallpapers offer a play on this and can be hung in a variety of ways for a playful twist. The names are wonderfully evocative and nurturing too from Roasted Macadamia to Cardamom and Liquorice, all beautifully rich, warm and decadent.

As winter deepens with the lure of being indoors more, embrace the subtleties of this new muted, toned-down light and inject a little shimmer, warmth and colour to lift the energy. The flicker and fascination of a candle dancing around the room is often just enough to add that twinkle. The science behind this simple light source and timeless wonder is tangible and only enhances peace and goodwill casting a subtle ever-changing light into the long dark midwinter nights. Pure magic…

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