Westender @ Dumpling Monkey Reviewed by Amy Glasgow

Dumpling Monkey

Is there anything better the morning after one too many drinks than tucking into a Chinese? Not to say that Chinese food is limited only to hangovers, it’s actually one of my favourite cuisines, so I was very excited to head down to the recently re-opened Dumpling Monkey to give their new and improved menu a go.

The menu is incredibly diverse, full of all the classics you would expect, as well as some slightly more traditional and unusual dishes. This is both a blessing and a curse, because the desire to order way more food than is necessary for two people is all too great. On the plus side, anything you can’t finish at the restaurant, the staff will happily box it up for you to take home and enjoy when your appetite eventually returns.

As its name suggests, Dumpling Monkey is known in Glasgow for its dumplings, so it seemed only reasonable we try a couple, ordering the Special dumplings with pork, prawn and Chinese leaves, and the Char Sui bao buns. Both were delicious, the filling perfectly seasoned, but I just can’t resist the fluffy, slightly sweet texture of those bao buns, filled with sweet and salty pork. I could eat them till I burst.

We ordered a plethora of dishes to follow the dumplings (a not-small portion of which came home with us and continued to feed us for the next two days). There were two dishes in particular that stood out to me. Firstly, the salt and chilli squid. Salt and chilli has to be one of the most popular Chinese dishes out there, and I’ll always choose squid over chicken or chips. At Dumpling Monkey, I was right to do so! The squid was super crisp and crunchy and had just the right level of spice for me – although I have it on good authority that the more unusual salt and chilli aubergine is worth a try.

The second stand-out dish for me was the General Tso’s Chicken. This is a Chinese dish that is more popular over in America, but has not found it’s way onto the menu of many Scottish takeaways, so I was eager to see what all the fuss was about.

Turns out, surprisingly, those Americans were right. If you are a fan of sweet and sour, you’ll love the General Tso’s dish, which feels like a heightened, more flavourful version, with a kick of garlic, chilli and umami.

It’s a pleasure to see Dumpling Monkey back open and thriving. The small dining area is constantly buzzing, not to mention the takeaway and delivery orders that fly out the door, and for good reason. Very reasonable prices, a varied menu and delicious flavours – what more could you want? I can’t wait to visit their newly opened sister restaurant 888 Express!

Review by Amy Glasgow @theglasgowdiet

Dumpling Monkey Website: dumplingmonkey.com


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