Landlords Have No Nuclear Option

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With Western Lettings’ Jack Gallagher

If I were to clarify one thing for first-time landlords, it would be to make sure they understand the balance of power between themselves and their tenants. It often helps to have a good understanding of your negotiating power in the early stages of a dispute.

Too often, a minor conflict between a tenant and their landlord becomes heated, with both parties digging in for the long haul. We often find ourselves being ignored when we advise a landlord client in this position to roll over. As both parties slug it out, they each come to learn that the tenant has all the options.

There usually comes a point where the landlord contacts us to let us know they’ve had enough, and they’d like us to ask their tenant to leave.

There seems to be a deeply held belief among new landlords that when their relationship with their tenant breaks down, they can ask them to vacate. Even leaving aside the current moratorium on evictions, it is never easy to force a tenant to leave when you’ve become exasperated with dealing with them.  

It’s a situation to be avoided at all costs. My advice is to choose your tenants carefully. Extremely carefully. If they start making unreasonable demands after the tenancy starts, you’ve made a mistake and it’s probably best to roll over. Trying to show them who’s boss in the early days is the road to ruin. Over time ‘tests of reasonableness’ could be applied, or discussions entered.

Tenants have every right to expect a warm, comfortable, well-maintained home. Life will be a lot easier and less stressful for everyone if they get exactly that.

If you have a property to let, please give us a call. We don’t do pushy sales, so you can expect to speak to a friendly and understanding adviser. 

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