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jenni in gallus alice in finnieston
Gifting at Gallus Alice & Pink Poodle’s with Tracy & Jenni

We are all about colour, print, design and humour,’ laughs Tracy, owner of the West End’s Pink Poodle and Gallus Alice. ‘Fashion should be fun and clothes should make you feel good. Our gift lines are largely design focused and quirky in nature; like our nesting “Nessie” family of soup ladle, colander and tea infuser… super cute and brimming with functionality. We are also known for our sometimes naughty, sometimes sweary, but always  funny cards.’

I’d popped into Gallus Alice for a sweary birthday card for my bestie during the summer, and proceeded to buy out their Irn Bru range of choccies, tin candle and bath salts – what more could a gal ask for?! Their ranges are fun and different. Definitely not your usual high street offering. ‘We love the diversity and quirkiness of the West End,’ continues Store Manager Jenni. ‘There’s a certain vibe and open-mindedness in this part of the city; people aren’t afraid to try new things and stand out from the crowd, which encourages us to let our imagination run with the products we bring in.’

And their plans for Christmas? ‘We are ALWAYS excited for Christmas; it’s our favourite time of year. We work very hard at sourcing beautifully designed products that don’t break the bank. We have a fantastic range of stocking fillers for under £20… our socks are always popular and make great men’s gifts. Our jewellery offer is both    eclectic and affordable; whether that be silver plated hoop earrings with little dangling T-Rex dinosaurs or our “hug” rings for the more sentimental types among us. And those with a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed by our range of chocolate… everything from Irn Bru to Buckfast or Scottish tablet… all delicious, funny, beautifully wrapped and unequivocally Scottish,’ concludes Tracy.

So please shop local this Christmas – either in-store or at pinkpoodleboutique.co.uk. Because who knows us, and our humour, better than our small local retailers? 

For Gifting ideas visit –

Pink Poodle 5-21 Cresswell Lane G12 8AA 

0141 357 2983 & 

Gallus Alice 1017 Argyle Street G3 8LZ 

0141 221 6815


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