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Who Remembers Hanging on the Telephone?

When one of our landlords or tenants call our main office number, their property manager will answer.  No menu system, music-on-hold, or invitation to leave a voice message.  They dial our number and the person they want to speak to picks up the phone.

It’s a great example of how technology can enable a more personal and efficient service.  A few things must be in place to make the trick work.  In our case, we have a process which regularly extracts relevant data from our customer database, constructs some rules about which handset to ring for which number and serves them to our internet phone system.  

Then we just need the relevant property manager standing by to answer their phone!  Since we still employ real people, we need to have a backup person for each property manager in case they are out the office.  More rules are used to pull that off.

We make this work so consistently that we offer compensation to any client whose call goes to voicemail.  They get one month of free management, which averages around £90.  To date, we have never had to make a payment.  

We can make such a pledge mainly because almost no client ever calls us.  They have such good access to information that they almost never need to.  When someone calls, we ask ourselves why.  What could we put in place to have removed the need for them to call?  A simple example is to consistently respond almost instantly to email.  We know many people would prefer to use email, if they can be confident that it will be answered quickly.

Why ramble on about this?  Obviously, it gives a flavour of the type of service we offer at Western Lettings.  But more than that, it’s the new battleground for service companies.  Only the correct blend of culture and technology will enable the kind of instant personal service that consumers are learning to expect.

If you have a property to let, please give us a call. We don’t do pushy sales, so you can expect to speak to a friendly and understanding adviser.

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