Parkinson’s Disease: Get Strong.. Get Stretched..

fraser simpson of simpsons physiotherapy

Get Neuro Active!

fraser simpson of simpsons physiotherapy

Strength, Flexibility and Neuro Active – These are the 3 core dimensions of living well with Parkinson’s Disease, helping maintain your independence, self-efficacy and quality of life!

Hi folks, I’m glad you’re taking the time to read about the 3 core dimensions to living well with your PD. As a Parkinson’s Specialist I know the importance of these and help all my clients get the best, individually tailored, bespoke treatment programme for your life with. Whether its getting out and about with friends, keeping active and independent around the house or chasing after grand kids, the 3 Core D’s are vitally important to work on for everyone with PD. 

Strength – PD affects your ability to generate force in your muscles, this is because the signals are ‘blocked’ by loss of neurons in your Substantia Nigra. Even taking the medications only partially reduces this block, as the condition progresses it’s harder to activate your muscles properly so they get weaker from lack of use. This can be a spiral, because you feel less strong, you do less activity that would keep you strong, so your muscles get weaker.

Flexibility – For many people with PD, you have an increase in your ‘background muscle stiffness’ which, when you are on your ‘on’ periods, is reduced by the medications. Unfortunately, the increased stiffness plays havoc with your muscle, tendon and joint flexibility and if not worked on properly and regularly, the stiffness that eases with meds, becomes stiffness that’s there even during your ‘on’ periods, because the soft tissue has stiffened up around your joints, making it physically harder to move.

Neuro Active – With PD your mind-body connection is affected and that connection fluctuates depending on medications, sleep, mood, stress, to name a few. Getting Neuro Active makes a great difference in helping your brain work through the challenges with PD as well as ‘recalibrating’ your brains understanding of how you move, so that you can get the best out of yourself irrespective of what is going on.

I want you to know that just because these are Challenges you face with your PD you have the ability to IMPROVE ALL 3 of the Core Dimensions – My Parkinson’s Expert Team and I help all of our clients get the right treatment to help you get stronger, get stretched, and keep you Neuro Active. With us you know you’ve worked hard on the right things to slow down your symptom progression and live your life well despite PD.

SO… Why are you telling me this? This seems very doom and gloom!

Call NOW on 0141 530 20 92 to speak to my expert team and get started on improving your life with PD.

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